Behind the third day of the championship of Russia in classes of “Laser-standard”, “Laser radial”, 470, “Finn”, “Nakra 17-mixt”, the 49th, the 49th FX, RS:X, which, recall, takes place in Taganrog.

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According to the website of the WFTU, good racing weather with the wind at 8-12 knots allowed to hold two races at the distance of dinghies, three races on the course, speed classes and four in the class “Nakra 17 mixed”.

In the end, at the moment, 9 of racing in the asset classes of the 49th, the 49th FX and RS:X, 8 races in classes 470, “Finn”, “Laser-standard” and “Laser-radial”, 4 race in the class “Nakra 17 mixed”. Which means the championship of Russia took place in all participating classes.

Leaders after the third day go to:

470 – Timothy Grigorin-Ryabov/Alexey Safonov and Olga Seigert/Anastasia Pustynnikova.

“Finn” – Eugene Deev.

“Laser-standard” – Daniil Krutskikh.

“Laser-radial” – the same number of points have Kisluhina Maria and Valeria, Lomachenko (juniors), Kirill Tereshkin (juniors)

49th – Nikita Ushkov/Kirill Boboshko.

49th FX – Zoya Novikova/Diana Sabirova.

“Nakra 17 mix” – Anastasia Mayorova/Nicholas Highlander.

RS:X – Maxim Kolcun (juniors), Artem Akimov (boys), Polina Firsova (juniors).

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