We were third in the Solent

According to the Russian Association of class SB20, the crew of AM-RUSARC (Anastasia Morozova, Anna Bogomolov, Dmitry Tretyakov, Aida Maximova) took part in the regatta SB20 Grand Slam at Cowes Week part and won third place.

The competition, in which were 19 crews had to go through four days of racing from 10 to 13 August. However, in the first two races were cancelled due to strong winds, and therefore on the water, participants came only 12th. On this day, the organizers held three races on weak and medium winds. AM-RUSARC spending on the water nearly 9 hours tetroxide in distilled well: parishes – 3, 3, 6. On the final day – two races in winds of 10-12 knots. Wards 3, 3.

In the race for the SB20 Cowes is, including route racing buoys and signs the Solent, – says Anastasia Morozova. – On the first day of the first race lasted about a half hour, then a short traditional race of three loops with the usual distance. On the second day first race – about two hours, six marks and two short loops. The specifics of the Solent, from the point of view of currents and tides, assessed in full.

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