“We went on the positive!”

April 13, 2019

      "We went on the positive!"
      We bring to your attention the third report of Elena Otekina from Montenegro, where 44Cup Porto Montenegro continues:

"We went on the positive!"

© Elena Otekina

The third race day (and part-time Cosmonautics Day) of the RC44 racing missiles was marked by the only race in which Russian Team Nika Vladimir Proshikhina won.

True, this did not change the position of the team in the overall standings. "Nika" reduced the gap from the first place to 6 points, but still remained on the 4th position. The top three is still headed by Slovenian Ceeref with the 5th finish, Peninsula Petroleum moved up to second place, posting the 3rd parish, while Team Aqua came in the 6th race – and dropped to third place.

Yekaterinburg Tavatuy Pavel Kuznetsova took the 4th place in the race and retained the 5th position in overall, but the gap from Nicky increased to 4 points. Bronenosec finished 7th – and also remained in its former 8th place.

The south wind at 10-11 knots initially showed no signs of instability and allowed (albeit with some delay) to start the only race of the day. Team Nika and Tavatuy started perfectly: the team of Vladimir Prosikhin is in the center of the line, and Pavel Kuznetsov had a good start from the referee ship. At the first sign, both Russian boats approached almost simultaneously – “Nika” was the first, “Tavatuy” was behind it, but on the sign Ekaterinburg residents could become internal and took the lead. At the gate both teams came in the same manner, but the wind began to gradually subside, moving west, and the judges almost halved the distance to the top mark. However, this did not help. When the leaders approached the second round, the wind completely disappeared, and the judges decided to take the finish line on the sign.

By this time, the Tavatuy team went to the left, but did not reach the wind, made a mistake with the angle, made a few extra turns and got stuck, and Nika and Swedish Artemis Torbjorn Tornquist and tactician Andy Horton were the first to come to the sign almost simultaneously. “Nike” managed to make a turn earlier and get more speed at the mark, literally half a length overtaking the Swedish boat and winning the race. "Tavatuy" stood nose to finish in almost dead calm next to Peninsula Petroleum, which still managed to be half a meter ahead and become the third.

"Battleship" start failed, the team came too early to the line, and she had to make a turn, and then go in working off the entire fleet. At the first rounding the boat came last, but then at the full course on the left side walked around 5 yachts and went to the finish line 4th, until it got stuck without wind in the center of the course. By that time, the wind had changed to the opposite, and the rest of the fleet set up the gennakers and crawled to the finish line, keeping within the control time, but the “Battleship” was already only 7th.

After the race, the teams sent the weather to the shore. The race committee waited until the last for a working wind, but nevertheless at half past five in the evening announced the end of the race.

According to Yevgeny Neugodnikov’s Tavatuy tactic, the day was interesting. “We walked with a large margin, and if the wind had not changed so much, I don’t think that we could be overtaken. We fought for the top three, but we lost not only to Nike and Artemis, but also to another boat. It's a shame, of course, it seems like everything worked out, went on a positive, and here everything is so sour. But nothing, the main thing is that there is already stability, 3-3-4 in the last races, and, in principle, I think that everything is very successful. "

Today, on Saturday, is the final race day of the Cup. The first start is scheduled for 11.30 local time, and the limit of the start of the last race is extended to 17.00. The weather forecast does not promise anything good, but the Race Committee will try to use the final day to the maximum.

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