We want to get three more licenses.

August 1, 2019

      We want to get three more licenses.
      The ROC website has published an interview with Natalia Ivanova. We decided to retype this interview so that you could imagine what worries and what pleases the head coach of the Russian national sailing team.

We want to get three more licenses.

Russian yachtsmen have already won the third license for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The company of Stefanie Elfutina (RS: X) and Sergey Komissarov (Laser) was compiled by Lipchanka Ekaterina Zyuzina, who obtained a quota for Russia following the results of the World Championship in the Laser Radial class.

In this class of boats at competitions in the Japanese Sakaiminato, 10 Olympic licenses were won, despite the fact that already 20 countries had already acquired the cherished tickets to the Land of the Rising Sun. 18 quotas were distributed at the World Championships – 2018 in Denmark, the Japanese received one, as the owners of the Olympic regatta, and the Malaysian yachtswoman won another license for the Asian Games – 2018.

In Sakaiminato, Russia was represented by Ekaterina Zyuzina and Valeria Lomatchenko. For a native of the Rostov region, the championship was not very successful – 85 out of 111. Zyuzina was able to rise 40 positions higher. Given the fact that license holders nominated 2 participants each, the 45th place was enough for the Russian woman to solve the main problem.

“The goal of winning the World Cup medal was not before Ekaterina,” said Natalia Ivanova, head coach of the Russian national sailing team, in an interview with the ROC Information Service. – The strategy was chosen stably and without risk to finish all races, taking a specific passage place. Zyuzin did everything that was required of her.

– There were episodes when you had to worry about Katya?

– The championship was very strict judging. In the “Golden Fleet” races (the second stage of the competition with the participation of 56 strongest yachtsmen – approx. VT), the Russian woman was punished twice according to “42 rule”, this is when the athlete swings the boat very much. The interpretation of such episodes is most often very controversial and many athletes have suffered in Sakaiminato.

As Katya herself said, the weather was such that the boat had to be driven to the point of disqualification in order to protect itself from overturning. In the penultimate race, she frankly failed to start and the parish turned out bad – only 43rd place. Zyuzina lost a good supply of points and fell out of the licensed zone. True, in the final race Katya mastered her nerves, went the distance without heroism and with the 17th parish won the ticket to Japan.

– After the World Cup – 2018 in Aarhus, where Zyuzina could not get the Olympic quota on the first attempt, you criticized her. Over the past year, she has changed a lot?

– Catherine is trying very hard. She really had a difficult period associated with injuries and illnesses, which unsettled her and led to a psychological breakdown. Now all the difficulties are behind – she purposefully prepared for the World Cup and, as the results show, she was able to mobilize at crucial moments.

– The Olympic license is not personal?

– Absolutely right. For all potential candidates for a trip to Japan, strict requirements were put forward – getting into the top eight at the World Cup and the same result at test competitions in Enoshima, which will be held from August 15 to 22. I think that the coaching Council will develop additional selection criteria, which we will offer for approval to the Presidium of the Russian Sailing Federation of Russia in December. Most likely, two regattas will be selected in the spring of 2020.

– Three licenses for the Games – 2020 we have. How much are planning to get more?

– Already on August 2, the world championship in class 470 starts in the Olympic water area of ​​Enoshima, where we will be worrying about our men's and women's two. Good results this year show Denis Gribanov / Pavel Sozykin. So, at the prestigious regatta "Cup of Princess Sofia", which this year was held for the 50th time, the guys took the seventh place. Very strong crew, decent performance at the Olympics.

The girls will compete for a license Alisa Kirilyuk / Angelika Chernyakhovskaya. In this duet, Chernyakhovskaya replaced Lyudmila Dmitrieva. Alice took herself a new squat immediately after the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and the world championship in Enoshima will show how they managed to work together.

– Who else is among the applicants for participation in the 2020 Games?

– From November 29 to December 8, in Auckland, New Zealand, the world championship will be held in three classes: Nakra 17-mixed, 49th and 49th FX. Here we count on at least one license.

Our leaders Maxim Semenov / Alina Shchetinkina will perform in the Nakra 17-mixed class. Particular attention should be paid to the young crew from St. Petersburg in the class of the 49th FX – Zoya Novikova / Diana Sabirova. Athletes are rapidly progressing, although they have been performing together since last year. This is a very difficult class to manage, one might say acrobatic. Previously, everything here was hopeless, but now the girls managed to prepare a good program.

Finally, in the 49th class, we’ll cheer for Jan Čech and Ivan Zotov. The most experienced duo shows good results this season. There is only one difficulty – there will be many strong crews claiming only 4 Olympic licenses here.

Recall that at the 2016 Olympics, yachtsmen from Russia took part in five types of programs out of ten. In the class of RS: X "bronze" won Stephanie Elfutina, and Maxim Oberemko took 16th place. In the Laser class, Sergey Komissarov became the fifteenth, and among the 470 boats, Pavel Sozykin / Denis Gribanov and Alisa Kirilyuk / Lyudmila Dmitrieva synchronously took 13th position.

Vladimir Topilsky, OCD Information Service.

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