We love you!

Well, there is such a day, when you loudly did not hesitate to confess his love. For all to hear!

Every year on this day, we – traditionally – open a terrible secret: women in the wording of the Yacht Russia more than men. And what is a woman! Clever beauties!!! To work with them – great fun. Drawn to the exploits. And today, March 8, – especially!

Among the readers of our journal women less than men. But, hopefully, it is temporary. So every year on this day we take on increased responsibilities: to do so, to change the situation. And something on the way already made. The sail is a wonderful hobby, a woman on Board is, contrary to long-standing prejudices, fortunately. So let this happiness will be more!

With the holiday girls, regardless of your age. Let the fresh winds hit the sails, let over you the sun shines brightly. We love you!!!

Male (smaller) part of the edition Yacht Russia.

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