“We know what to work on”

January 28, 2019

      "We know what to work on"
      In the Spanish city of Torrevieja, the traditional Trofeo Euromarina Optimist Torrevieja regatta ended with the participation of yachtsmen from 28 countries of the world, the press service of the St. Petersburg school "Krestovsky Island" reports.

"We know what to work on"

A total of 364 boats went to start. The organizers managed to spend 10 races in the gold fleet and 9 in the remaining three fleets.

Of the six pupils of the Krestovsky Island school, the best places were taken by Danila Ivanov – 62nd, Artem Gunker – 90th (both were chasing in the golden fleet). Maxim Bondar was among the best in the silver fleet – 117th place.

– The wind on the final day was 26 knots, not all the fleets, except for the gold, coped with such conditions, and our guys still didn’t have enough experience, – coach Ilya Elyshev says. – They picked up a good move, but unfortunately they lost to foreign riders. For example, Danila Ivanov won the start of one of the races, but missed one run and went for the mark for the 50th place. As I already told, the density is very large – the interval around the mark by the 50th boats was 45 seconds.

We are only at the beginning of preparation for the main starts of the year – the European and World Championships, the final selection stages to which will be held in Taganrog and St. Petersburg. In Spain, we have collected a lot of valuable information and know what to work on.

Results of the regatta Trofeo Euromarina Optimist Torrevieja –


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