“We did a great job!”

August 13, 2019

      “We did a great job!”

The results of the world championship in the RS: X class, which was held in St. Petersburg, for the Facebook Youth Sailing Team page on Facebook were summed up by the senior coach of the youth team Anastasia Chernova and other characters.

“We did a great job!”

Here is what Chernova said: “The youth team in RS: X class among the girls performed very well in St. Petersburg. The gold medal of Yana Reznikova became the crown of the work of the entire national team in this class. The guys went through very good training – someone was able to perform better, someone was worse, but, nevertheless, the gold in the female RS: X proves that we are moving in the right direction. Her personal qualities, the character of a leader and a fighter, faith in her victory and willpower led to this victory.

Anastasia Shchedrina performed very well. I think if at the beginning of the regatta someone said that Nastya would take such a high 5th place, no one would believe. For her, this is the first international competition in the RS: X class. The athlete did not have big victories in the Techno class, so the 5th place is a high and very worthy result in the new Olympic class. Dana Kosyak took 11th place, which is quite good.

The remaining athletes of the youth team were, in my opinion, below their capabilities. Maybe with the weather they were not entirely lucky, maybe they themselves were not fully tuned in to these races. Of course, for most of the guys the lack of international experience in participating in major competitions is affecting.

I want to thank all the athletes, coaches, who trained the guys together with the team and independently – at home! "We did a great job and the gold medal of Yana Reznikova – our common result!”

… Let's once again recall the events of the last race, but already through the eyes of our athletes.
On the final day of the World Championship, the calm weather hardly helped to concentrate, because everyone wanted to show their maximum, regardless of which fleet they were to play in. The calm was replaced by a wind of 5-6 knots, and the windsurfers of the gold and silver fleet, as well as the fleet of girls, got off to the start. Only the top 10 remained on the beach, preparing for the decisive – medal – race. Among them was the “dark horse” of the Russian team – Anastasia Shchedrina.
“Of course, we all dreamed about a pedestal, but I did not expect that I could really manage to enter the top ten at the world championship! It was just unbelievable! Before the medal race, we had time to take a break, get together, while the rest of the participants walked the distance of the final race. But during this time we could only get more nervous. And I managed to get together just 10 seconds before the start … ”- recalls the athlete.

At the competitions, she improved her results every day – from the 23rd position she climbed to the 7th and confidently moved to the 5th. The girl was able to surprise in the final – medal – race. Nastya fought in the top 3, which, of course, played into the hands of Yana Reznikova, who was faced with the question of who would win this world championship.

Before the medal race, Frenchwoman Manon Pyanazza overtook the leader of the Russian national team by three points, and a lot was decided on how the race went.
“When Yana took the start, we were very worried about her, but after the first loop she had a decent margin, and her rival was not going very well,” said Anton Tokarev, who supported our athletes with the team.
“When I realized that I could not only take part in the medal race, but also compete for the first place – emotions captured, but I had to pull myself together, calm down and start working. I was able to do all this. Overcome even some fear and enjoy this race. In competitions I gained a lot of experience, especially in terms of tactics, thanks to the analysis immediately after each race. She began to better understand the wind, to see gusts. It was tactical literacy that was of great importance in the medal race, where the opponent’s control and understanding of the best side, as well as the availability of a plan are important, ”Yana Reznikova summed up this at the end of the world championship.

Congratulations to Yana and all the trainers who helped and trained the athlete with a gold medal!
All athletes and their coaches – with great success and good results in the world championship!

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