We cheer for the Russians!

May 8, 2019

      We cheer for the Russians!
      The grand opening of the 2019 European Championship in Class 470 took place yesterday in San Remo (Italy). The first races are tomorrow, May 9th. Medal races are scheduled for the 14th.

We cheer for the Russians!

The regatta was announced by 115 teams – men, women and, especially, mixed (a number of national federations have already started preparing for the Olympics-2024; mixed crews in San Remo will compete with men).

Representatives of 29 countries come to the fight for medals – and not only European: the representatives of China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Argentina, Brazil and even Malaysia and India will take the start. So, in fact, we are waiting for the tournament level of the World Cup, where the stakes will be extremely high – even though San Remo will not play Olympic licenses.

As for Russia, we habitually connect the highest hopes with Pavel Sozykin and Denis Gribanov. At the April stage of the World Cup in Genoa, luck turned away from them – after six races, the strongest Russian crew remained only the 30th of 44 teams. Now the guys have to regain confidence in their own abilities.

In general, we cheer for the Russians! Go, friends!

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