“Water area forced me to break my head”

June 16, 2019

      “Water area forced me to break my head”

On June 15, the 2nd stage of the largest All-Russian children's series of regattas “Optimists of the Northern Capital. Gazprom Cup. 79 young yachtsmen from the largest sailing schools of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region took part in the regatta.

“Water area forced me to break my head”

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Recall that the athletes competed in the waters of Klyuchevoy Bay, located near the yacht port "Johannes" (Soviet settlement of the Vyborg district of the Leningrad region). The participants were lucky, the regatta was held in comfortable weather conditions: warm air, wind up to 10 knots. The judges held 6 races: 3 on each day of the regatta.

Along with experienced riders, novice athletes, "cadets" who competed in a separate fleet, took part in the regatta. Some participants of the regatta took the first steps in sailing only in May of this year.

Vladimir Komel, chief referee of the competition: “The competitions turned out to be interesting. All riders, both experienced and beginners, showed themselves well, the water area forced them to break their heads. It is generally useful for young people to race alongside more experienced athletes, they quickly grab, adopt many important practical points from the “oldies”.

According to the results of the whole regatta, Kirill Shunenkov from the sailing school “Academy of Sailing of the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg”, who took the lead from the first race, took the first place among boys (2007 was born and older) and in the overall standings. After a successful second day, another Academician Nikita Chernykh rose to second place. The third was an athlete of the school "Krestovsky Island" (St. Petersburg) Artem Gunker.

Nikita Chernykh: “This is my first prize in the“ adult ”standings. It turned out to cling to the top three due to good speed: I worked on it purposefully. I will try to continue not to drop the bar and continue to perform well. ”

Among the older girls, Daria Savinova from the Favorit sailing school (Vyborg) showed herself the best, silver from Sofia Pusheva (Krestovsky Island), Stanislav Gunker, another athlete from the Krestovsky Island, finished third in the regatta.

Among the younger boys (2008 year of birth and younger) Dmitry Yeryomin (“Krestovsky Island”) celebrated the victory, Pavel Gushchin (Sailing Academy) came second, Vladimir Lyubomirov (another athlete from the Academy) – the third.

According to the younger girls, Yuliya Naimushina celebrated the victory, playing for Krasnoyarsk, Angelina Ivanova (“Krestovsky Island”) – the second, with bronze from Eva Turkina (also “Krestovsky Island”).

Among cadet boys, unconditional first place went to Rodion Shishimorov, second and third places went to Nikita Grigoriev and Luka Kandybin. In girls, Alexander Kondratenko showed the best result, Varvara Yurchenko – the second, Lyubov Denisova – the third. All riders represented at the competition Academy sailing.

The best riders received special diplomas and medals, as well as valuable prizes: speakers and headphones.

Final results: http://opticup.org/rezultatyi-2019-2-etap

The regatta became the dress rehearsal for the Russian national team athletes before the European Championship, which will be held June 22-29 in France. In the 2nd stage, the leading Russian riders took part: Kirill Shunenkov (Academy of Sailing Yacht Club St. Petersburg), Daria Savinova (Favorit, Vyborg), Danila Ivanov and Maxim Bondar (both Krestovsky Island, St. Petersburg) Petersburg).

The yacht port “Johannes” takes on the stages of the series “Optimists of the Northern Capital. Gazprom Cup for the fourth year in a row.

Evgeny Kitayev,

Press Service of the Academy of Sailing Yacht Club St. Petersburg

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