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Fill the air clean and fresh to ensure a comfortable microclimate in your home designed model A802 RAIN from BORK, developed at the crossroads of advanced technology and perfect design and combines the functions of air purifier and humidifier.

Thanks to smooth contours A802 RAIN silhouette resembles a medieval Japanese vase. The model of the purifier-humidifier have already won the prestigious prize Red Dot Design Award and Good Design Award and will now be able to win the trust of consumers.

A802 RAIN duplex is equipped with air purification system. The enzyme pre-filter kills all the small particles of dust, various bacteria and mold spores that negatively affect our health. In the second stage the purified air runs through a water filter that is saturated with moisture to create the most comfortable conditions in the room. While A802 RAIN is silent, so you can leave it in working order for the night.

Manage А802 RAIN it is not hard: touching a finger to the edge of the device, you can easily check the water level, humidity and choose a suitable operation mode. If it is necessary to increase the water level during operation air cleaner and humidifier, vertically, pour the water into the equipment.

Despite its compact size (35 cm in height and 4.2 l in volume), model A802 RAIN will take care of the health of your family and even a newborn baby day and night.

Another benefit is the technology’s natural moisture. Air cleaner-humidifier A802 RAIN leaves on the interior plaque of calcium salts. Through this technology it can be left in the nursery for many hours.

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