Waking in a fairy tale

The love of fairy tales, embodied in unique jewelry, is a part of the magical history associated with the founders of the jewelry house: a daughter of a merchant in precious stones and cutter’s son, who loved wonderful gems just like it. Since then a fantastic work of jewelers of the brand came to life very different characters.

This time the designers were inspired by maiden cheerfulness of “the Twelve dancing princesses”, the wisdom of the characters of the fairy tale “the Three feathers”, the cohesion of the Bremen town musicians and the beauty of the “Golden bird”. The four tales collected by the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm, students studying the folklore of his native Germany, sought “the gems hidden in the weeds” and turning oral history into literary masterpieces included in the two-volume anthology.

  • Ring set Serapi refers to the luxury carpet that brings the father of the hero of the tale “the Three feathers”


Van Cleef & Arpels with a palette of gems, depicted in the fantastic universe of the brothers Grimm. Blue Burmese sapphire midnight symbolizes the darkness in the weak light of the moon, yellow diamond conveys the shining Golden Apple and the emerald portrays the green of the garden. In every stone — a message, a story about friendship, love, joy and hope.

  • Princesse Héméra brooch with blue and mauve sapphires, emeralds, tsavorites and diamonds

  • Brooch Le prince et l’oiseau is one of the rare Van Cleef & Arpels men’s figures

Among the innovations applied in the manufacture of jewelry collection, a secret mechanism that helps the suspension one click to transform into a brooch; invisible setting in which the stones are cut buff-topped fixed so that the metal is completely invisible, and the decoration seems to be raised and translucent.

Attention to detail gives each ornament a special grace — as always with Van Cleef & Arpels. Wonders where they believe.

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