Vladimir Krutskikh: five races – five wins!


      Vladimir Krutskikh: five races – five wins!
      Vladimir Krutskikh shows a brilliant form at the Finn-Masters World Championship, which takes place in the Skenchoved suburb of Copenhagen: he won all five races.

Vladimir Krutskikh: five races - five wins!

Before the final day of the championship for the Russian, who, we recall, is a two-time world champion Finn-Masters, – 4 points (with one shot). Wonderful result! However, competitors are close – and above all, Michael Mayer: the Czech, who comes second, has 9 points.

But what are the places occupied by the other representatives of Russia: Felix Denikayev – the 15th, Andrei Bill – the 70th, Yuri Polovinkin – the 115th, Lanfranko Cirillo – the 143rd, Evgeny Jura – the 187th.

Full results after five races –


131 Yesterday # 9126

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