Viva, “Leviathan”!

July 4, 2019

      Viva, "Leviathan"!
      The Russian team won the regatta Nord Stream Race 2019. At 7.14 behind the dam near Kronstadt, the first boat finished. The last boat finished at 8.24.

Viva, "Leviathan"!

The final stage of the regatta was held in extreme conditions. On the eve of the Helsinki race committee decided to hold the race, in the end the start was given at 17.00 in the city center. The boats went to St. Petersburg in a full course, closer to 22.00 the situation became more complicated – the wind increased to 25 knots. Then the boats hit the gap between two storm fronts and for some time moved at a speed of about 4 knots. In the morning the 30-35 knot wind and the two-meter wave became an excellent accompaniment for the regatta finish.

All 14 hours was a tight fight, the boats were very close to each other. The Russian team after the start took the lead, and then all the time she fought for the first place against the Danes and the Swedes. At one of the racing moments, the Russian team decided that it was wrong and, according to the rules of the race, performed a 360-degree turn. After this maneuver, the Leviathan rolled back to last place, but early in the morning the Russians were able to reach the second position.

At the finish, the Danes made a mistake, and Leviathan was able to bypass them. According to preliminary results, Russia took the first place in the final race, Denmark – the second, Sweden – the third, Germany – the fourth, Finland – the fifth. The time difference between the finish of the first and third boats was only 1.5 minutes.

Immediately after the finish, the Danes filed a protest against the Russian team, so the results may be revised, but the Russians will in any case retain the lead in the overall regatta. Also "Leviathan" won the first in short races. Congratulations to the Russian team with a great result!

Race results –

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