VIS: strength and beauty

One division of the Fincantieri Group produces luxury yachts, and the other ships for the Italian Navy. The design of the yacht VIS (Latin for “strength”) shown at the Monaco Yacht Show brings their experience together. In the presentation video, views of a real battleship are superimposed on the yacht’s renders. It turns out that they almost coincide, except that there is a lounge area with sofas on the nose in place of the gun.

What do we see in the exterior? Francesco Pashkovski relied on sharp, militarized forms. Many transforming elements. The balconies on the main deck, the beach area at the stern, light metal railing around the helipad at the stern and the awning rest areas on the upper deck are reclining. Windows and exits to open spaces are also closed with massive hinged panels. In general, there is a feeling that in front of you is a bunker turned into a seven-star hotel.

And indeed, having penetrated inside the line of defense, you find yourself in a huge multi-level glazed space with numerous stairs, an elevator and a winter garden. In the video, sculptures by Giacometti were added to the interiors. They fit in style with minimalist interiors with white walls.

The six-deck yacht 80.8 m long can accommodate 14 guests. The owner will have his own private deck upstairs, with a terrace and gym. The team can recruit up to 23 people.

VIS will be able to travel up to 5,000 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 12 knots.

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