Virtual realities

One of the modern trends of the yachting industry as a way to attract customers yachts categories of custom and semi custom to participate in the process of creating vessels. Future owners enthusiastically discuss the location of the cabins, choose different equipment, consider options and interior finish. And if a number of make the decision is very difficult, in respect of table and bed linen, tableware and accessories that best suit a new boat, make the choice easier. In any case, many prefer the company Glancy Fawcett.

Glancy Fawcett in business for over 30 years, the company’s specialists are well versed in the interiors and exteriors of objects at sea, land and air. Unique service allows the company to adapt its products to the interiors and functionality of objects. During its existence the company has equipped more than 450 yachts, including boats, are included in the register of the largest and most prestigious motor and sailing yachts in the world.

  • The virtual interior space of the gallery Glancy Fawcett

  • One of the halls of the gallery in Manchester on the computer screen

Working directly with owners, designers, yacht crews, Glancy Fawcett holds individual presentations of their products, perfectly matched to the interior, budget and time of the order. And to create a unique interior, filling it with items on your “taste”, you can use the Fawcett Named the Luxury Product by visiting the website

In addition to its own team of designers, Glancy Fawcett has partnered with the most respected designers and brands, and the collection today has more than 7,000 samples. How to see them? There are catalogues, show-room mansion in Manchester, and now there is another option using virtual reality technology.

The company has developed a 360ยบ VR Showroom Tour, which allows you to walk on the floors and exhibition halls of the Manchester mansion, which showcases the kitchenware, linens, and accessories. You can view 2600 plates, 1000 crystal glasses 300 pieces of Cutlery and silverware, 3000 items of linen (bed linen, towels), 120 coats, dozens of chandeliers, 60 pillows and a wide range of accessories. Take a fascinating virtual tour through the exhibition halls Glancy Fawcett, visit

The advantages of such submission is obvious. Virtual gallery always open, free admission, no crowds and a need to go somewhere and book a visit… the Fun is guaranteed. Importantly, not giddy from the splendor of the exhibits or fast movements with your mouse!

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