Updates in Carlton Baglioni Hotel, Milan

Baglioni Hotel Carlton and the Jumbo Group is the essence of Italian luxury and La Dolce Vita have teamed up to create a unique design project. There are two new realities that reflect the Italian lifestyle and offer their guests impeccable service and exclusive holiday.

The project, designed by creative Director Jumbo Group of Livio Ballabio, is a new way to look at familiar space Montenapoleone Terrace Suite and Caffè Baglioni.

The Via Montenapoleone offer a refined atmosphere with elements of marble, white onyx and crystal. Noble shades of green and beige colors perfectly complement the overall concept. The project of interior design, which combines Eastern and French ideas, reflects a new vision of classic style.

Junior Suite the hotel has been selected collection of Gianfranco Ferré Home. It combines beige, brown and bronze tones, creating an atmosphere of warmth and coziness.

The famous Caffè Baglioni has also been updated. Milan style and elegance again is emphasized the collection of Gianfranco Ferré Home. In the decorative elements and furniture found their unique sound echoes the style of the 1950s years. Chair Baglioni special edition, distinguished by its unique design and clean lines, made of leather and floral velvet. Dominated by shades of black, gray and light blue tones give a Caffè Baglioni male character and recreate the classic atmosphere of the cigar room 50 years. Exclusive design solution reflects the true essence of the Milanese lifestyle and refined taste.

To secure this new collaboration, Carlton Hotel Baglioni offers its guests a cocktail inspired by the designer. Ferrè Martini consists of St-Germain, Marconi Gin, Cointreau and lime. It is possible to try the updated Montenapoleone Terrace Suite.

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