Universiade 2019: Russia in the top three

July 10, 2019

      Universiade 2019: Russia in the top three
      At the 30th Summer Universiade in Naples, the second day of qualification in the discipline "Sailing".

Universiade 2019: Russia in the top three

According to the website http://www.parusniy-sport.org, the weather at this time somewhat diversified the situation: south-west wind up to 15 knots, subsequent rain, calm – and another race in a weak wind closer to the south direction . The boats were tested for durability, and not all of them stood the test – where the grotophal burst, and where, like our team, the motor support burst, preventing it from lowering in the normal position. One of the races was carried out without genakers.

The Russian team competed in the first three races of the day. In the first race, our crew took a good start, went first to the windward mark and confidently held the lead almost to the finish. However, at the full course before the finish went to control the main fleet, and the Spanish team, having gone away from everyone, was able to pick up the approach with a reinforcement strip, which eventually brought them first to the finish, and our crew finished second.

The second race was harder – before the start the wind stopped and the profitable side of the starting line changed. Our crew was on the unfavorable side, which led to the fact that on the first sign he came out sixth. However, a competently completed fordevind and subsequent tacking helped to get to the second position. At the finish fordevinde, all participants tightened, our crew was in the middle, and a slanting finish line led to the fact that two boats from the left behind went to the left and were able to "stick their noses" on the finish line before our crew. As a result, finish fourth.

In the third race, nothing foreshadowed the difficulties, the wind got a little stronger, but 30 seconds before the launch, the boat, on which our crew performed, breaks the tal supporting the engine in an elevated position. The position is instantly lost, the precious 2 minutes to fix the damage, and our crew leaves the race from the start, purely the last – the eighth. But our guys are real fighters – they do not give up, during the race they overtake the fleet, overtake a few more boats and finish fifth.

In this case, failure does not come only to us alone – the Austrian team has a more serious breakdown, the grootaphal bursts, they quit the race. Both crews — our and Austrian — subsequently protested to restore the result, but both of them were rejected by the jury purely for procedural points — they did not say to the race committee that they were directly on the water.

In the next two races, our guys have already acted as spectators, being "days off". Other teams also did not go smoothly. The Singapore team was especially unlucky – in the last race of the day, when the race committee after a rainstorm, after a long wait for calm, decided to hold the race, there was a big gap between the leader and the rest of the yachts – such that two yachts could not meet the control time – 4 minutes after the finish of the first yacht. Among the defunct was the Singapore team, which went on in other races well. As a result, she fell below our team, and Russia in qualifying came in 3rd place.

There was a chance that the Austrian team could go ahead of our team if their request to restore the result was met. However, as mentioned earlier, the request was rejected. Perhaps this tactically played our protest – we were in a much less difficult situation and could declare a protest to the race committee on the water. In the case of the Austrian team, things were not so clear, but, rejecting our protest, the jury was forced to apply exactly the same formal criteria to the other team – and reject its protest.

Congratulations to our guys on the way forward and we wish you success in the next races!

We still have two qualifying days and 17 qualifying races ahead. Qualification – a long exhausting marathon. Based on the qualification results, 8 best teams will be selected to the final. The places occupied in qualifying will be credited to them as the result of one final race, and another 4 races are planned for the final determination of the medalists.

For results and race tracks, follow the Universiade website https://results.universiade2019napoli.it/#/sportdetails/SAL


Competitions on the program "Sailing" at the Universiade-2019 are held on eight yachts of the new RS-21 class (keel yacht with armament "Bermuda sloop" with an asymmetrical spinnaker) with a crew of 4 people (2 boys + 2 girls). Each race is a passage in a "circle" from the starting line to the buoy against the wind (tacking) and descending down the wind (fordevind). After passing two or one rounds (the number of laps according to the decision of the race committee), the yachts finish at the starting point. In each race, all eight yachts start simultaneously, and the place in the race is determined by the order of their finish.

For each race, the crew is assigned a number of points equal to its place at the finish of the race. The winner is the crew that scores fewer points in a series of races.

16 teams take part in the competitions, so the qualifications of the race are held with “weekend” crews (participation in races and the yachts provided are determined by drawing lots). "Weekend" crews (who did not take part in the race) are assigned the number of points calculated by the average of their results in those races where they participated.

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