Underwater drone follows the divers and videoing them

Function Follow Me (“follow me”) is now found in many air drones. With its help the device can move independently to follow you and make a movie about how you ski, bike, snowboard, run or swim on the yacht. However, to add such capabilities divisum for aerial filming haven’t tried one, and iBubble in this sense, can be called a pioneer. This smart underwater drone equipped with sonar and tracking devices and object recognition, which will accompany you at scuba diving and take you on movie.

Camera, at iBubble is GoPro Hero 3 or 4 installed in the optical dome without distortion. Smooth shooting provides a stabilization system for lighting meet two powerful flashlight 1000 lumens. As in the case of aerial drones, the user will be able to order iBubble to move next, up, down, or hover in one place. The maximum distance between the device and the user is 25 meters (80 feet), a maximum diving depth of 60 meters (197 feet).

The drone is able to recognize and avoid obstacles so you don’t have to worry about him plunging among the coral reefs. This system allows iBubble “dwell” on a certain goal to the diver, is a large fish or turtle and follow her like paparazzi is constantly taking the camera.

Lithium battery enough for hours of continuous shooting. When the charge runs out, the drone will automatically return to its user. He will return and in other cases, for example, when the system experiences an unexpected failure.


iBubble may be the service not only in diving but also in other situations. For example, when the user on Board, you need to examine the situation under the surface of the water. By Drona in this case, attach a 100-meter (380-foot) cable and control surfaces using the joysticks. The camera transmits via cable the picture in real time.

Today iBubble exists in a single copy, in the form of a prototype. Its production will begin after the completion of the crowdfunding the company on Indiegogo, which promises to be more than successful. At the current stage the device is available to pre-order for 1299 USD, retail price in the future will be USD 2200.

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