Under the blue sky

Enjoy Venice — one of the most romantic cities on the planet, and its lagoon offers Venice hotel Luna Baglioni Hotel.

Venice is a mosaic of panoramas, the maze of canals and alleys, which you will not see in any other corner of the world. From the Islands and nearby towns offer equally memorable appearance. From the helicopter you have a different view on the journey and get a lot of emotions the whole family. You will be able to see the main attractions of Venice and its surroundings, choosing any of the four exclusive itineraries:

  • Venice. Flights from Lido to the waterfalls through the Golf course, the old casino, the Arsenal and many other amazing places. Also air travel you will have a stop with an amazing view of the Cathedral of St. Mark. The flight duration was 10 minutes.
  • Venice and the Islands. You will enjoy the charming Venetian lagoon and Islands, which are under UNESCO protection. The flight duration was 20 minutes.
  • Venice, the Islands and the commune of Chioggia. You go to a place that the city known as Little Venice and has its own excellent collection of numerous channels. The flight duration is 30 minutes.
  • Venice, the Islands and the city of Jesolo. Visit the beautiful Riviera of Italy, with its sandy beaches. The flight duration is 30 minutes.

Trip includes

  • Private helicopter flight with pilot (max 3 passengers)
  • Transfer to and from the airport of Venice

The cost for two

  • Tour 10 minutes: from € 470
  • Tour is 20 minutes: from € 720
  • Tour 30 minutes: € 1000

All prices are inclusive of VAT

Booking must be done in a week. You can cancel your reservation up to 7 days for a full refund or for 1-2 days for a partial refund (50%).

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