Under sail – to Krakatau

September 5, 2019

      Under sail – to Krakatau
      Have you heard about photographer Jamie Furlong and journalist Liz Clear? Are you familiar with their website https://followtheboat.com?

Under sail - to Krakatau

Jamie and Liz have been traveling the world for ten years on their Esper yacht (Oyster 435) and have been doing a video blog all this time, which is quite popular. Episode 162 of this video blog has just appeared on the Web – and we decided to introduce you to it. It is dedicated to the volcano Krakatau. Well, you certainly heard about him!

Nevertheless (just in case) we give a couple of paragraphs from Wikipedia:

“The famous eruption of the volcano Krakatau, located in Indonesia, began in May 1883 and ended with a series of powerful explosions on August 26 and 27 of the same year, as a result of which most of the island of Krakatau was destroyed.

This volcanic eruption is considered one of the most deadly and destructive in history: at least 36,417 people died as a result of the eruption and the tsunami caused by it, 165 cities and settlements were completely destroyed, and another 132 were seriously damaged. The consequences of the eruption were felt to one degree or another in all areas of the globe. ”

Look – you will not regret it. Just keep in mind that the video is quite long – 23 minutes. But it's worth it!

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