UCU and Maybe of Randmaa “In a way. With you and without you”

Friends! Yachtsmen! Yacht Russia is preparing to release a new book! It was written by Estonian sailor UCU of Randmaa who took part in the round the world race, the Golden Globe Race, starting in 2018, and his wife, Maybe, who cared at that time about the house and their young twins. We offer to your attention the first Chapter of the book.

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Do you know what it’s like to stay alone for nine months in the open sea? Estonian sailor randmaa of UCU took part in the round the world race, the Golden Globe Race, starting in 2018. It was incredible difficulties swimming, whose members went on yachts of similar dimensions and with the same navigational tools used by the participants of the very first such competition, held 50 years ago. No modern technology or means of communication! Not to mention the possibility to make a stop in any port.

In this book intertwined the two worlds – the sea and the earth, the world is external and internal. In the sea of UCU Randmaa kept a diary, and this time his wife, Maybe cared about their house, their little twins. The result is a book that intertwines the thoughts and feelings of two people, which wasn’t easy, but which saved a love that is able to save, even when loved ones and lovers are very far from each other.

We are ready to take pre-orders for the book of UCU and Maybe of Randmaa “In a way. With you and without you”. It has more than 300 pages and over 100 photos! This book is 800 rubles. Arrange pre-order by sending a request to the editorial address – [email protected], putting in the subject “UCF”.

In the meantime, a good person. We offer to your attention the first Chapter of the book that many of her authors and of the race, in which took part the UCA Randmaa, which has already become history, and participants of its actors.

UCU and Maybe of Randmaa “In a way. With you and without you”

This book is about how dreams come true that seemed impossible. And how some leave, leaving family and home, and years looking for a blue bird, knowing that it doesn’t exist. And it’s about the difficulties in the way of man, and heartache. And of course, this book is about the love of the one who decided to go it alone to circumnavigate the globe, defying the forces of nature, without assistance and without stopping, using only the equipment and devices that were in Vogue 50 years ago, when the world first became a reality. In spite of the loneliness.

They say that the ships were then made of wood and men of iron. But I’m not iron, so did not know whether, if I can do this. Had time to answer.

After learning about this race, I found out what the criteria of selection of participants. It was necessary to have the baggage of 8,000 nautical miles at sea and at least 2000 miles in a single voyage. With this I have had no problems. In my yachting magazine has listed over 34,000 nautical miles, and all alone.

I sent a request to don McIntyre, the organizer of the race. The answer came quickly. I was told that, of course, I may be registered, except… my name entered on the waiting list, as all 25 places are occupied. However, upset is not necessary, since, according to forecasts, the inevitable drop-out… In General, should have been prepared.

And first of all I had to talk to my wife.

I wanted to speak calmly, carefully, but suddenly got excited, telling how it happened 50 years ago, when started 9 yachts, and came to the finish only one. I told the participants of the race about how their lives have developed…

My wife agreed rather easily. I still don’t know why. Although, no, I know: it was moved by the unselfishness and love. Only love is capable of that! And if you think this great love in the world enough, you’re wrong.


When the Uke told me about his desire to participate in this swargaputri the race – a nonstop, round-the-world and single, which will last approximately 9-10 months, and which will require a huge financial cost, I immediately agreed.

Why? Why? So certainly ask any sane person. Answer. First, sanity is not my thing. And secondly, it was an adventure, but rather so – Great Adventure, where every word with a capital letter, in which I would like to participate if I better knew how to sail and if I had nerves of steel, without which it is impossible to spend several months alone.

If some man is now running around my wife with this book in hand, using it as an argument why she should enthusiastically applaud his desire to participate in the Great Adventure that awaits him on Friday evening at the nearest pub, then… it is quite different. My husband decided to participate in this test where the stakes are life and death. But I was confident in his knowledge and abilities, his lust for life. And I knew he was the man that he will return. No matter when, will come back. What else could I try, except pride in my UCF?

Of course, not everyone shared my confidence. Actually, it was weird, and sometimes funny to see, as explained to some friends, palusalue and all strangers the decision of the UCU to participate in this race. Some, for example, was sure that he goes to so far to thoroughly delve into his inner world. Someone said he found the most unusual way to get out of the house. Many have looked me in the eye with the words: “Woman, have you brain melted, if you allow the father-year-old twins go… there?” They didn’t understand that it’s not easy to give their consent. But if I’d wanted an ordinary man, with a mustache and trampled Slippers every evening after work relaxed sipping beer on the couch, I would have found this. But I needed a special man, who can not imagine my life without new experiences, without adventure, who is willing to check yourself for strength. So I said “Yes” and never, never regret it.

There are things, very simple things, which you cannot refuse a man, if you want to be with him, albeit not on Board his boat in life.

So, my UCF, at sea, at sea!

July 1,

Start is the beginning. Every beginning is the end of something. I hope that in my case it is the end of my almost four years of preparation for the Great Adventure.

16.00. For four relaxed hours under sail. Fortunately, left behind the endless press conferences, meetings, receptions…

I smile. Biskay today Lord… For training took a bearing on the airports of La Rochelle and Nantes. Then removed the door to the latrine. More it to anything, I’m alone. Besides, without a door I can use this room for drying clothes, because the air circulation was better.

18.00. Ate some yoghurt… the rhythm of the sea lulls, but I’m on watch, the wind set the autopilot. I have to get it to work properly!

After the start I could not manage to stay the course – prevented boats, yachts, ships, escorting us into the sea. In the sky, the chatter of helicopters. There was no other choice but to take the helm.

Finally figured out what the problem is. One of the adjustment buttons were in the wrong position. Corrected, and now all is well.

The 250 will take me to Cape Finisterre, it is another 600 miles.

See all of my competitors. I’m somewhere in sixth place.

The wind constantly changes direction 30 degrees, causing to be alert.

Start is the beginning…

God bless Les Sables d’olonne! I’ll see you in eight months. If you’re lucky.

2 Jul

The night passed quietly. Finally a proper rest after the pandemonium of last week.

I have no alarm clock but I Wake up every 50 minutes for a test RAID. It looks like this. First of all, pull the foot crocs. From my experience, this is the best shoes for sailing gear: quick to put on and don’t slip on the deck. Then go up the ladder and take a look first what’s going on on the starboard side, suddenly there is one whom I shall give way. Then survey the horizon with the naked eye, then through binoculars: it is necessary to wait, when she will climb on the crest of a big wave and catch that moment before we fall down. Further control of the course. Autopilot obedient wind, and in their devotion to him changing course. It can be dangerous, and therefore, without constant control can not do. Then setting sail that night for that we need the lantern to see how to behave the “evenly spaced”. Actually, I just instinctively feel how to work the sails, but it is always better to check and see with your own eyes. In the end remains to make sure that halyards and sheets, and everything, you can go to sleep in his hole. To Wake up in 50 minutes…

That night I dreamed dreams. Mostly about the house and Maybe. Fortunately, it was not nightmares. Rather, conversations. I believe that nightmares can drive sailors mad. I was thinking about our last conversation. I heard something said on TV, and then Maybe started to mess around with some plug and the TV fell off the bracket. It was funny, but most importantly, she said, “I love you.”

Love is the most important, most pure and unselfish feeling a person can experience. And this is one of the most fragile of feelings. A life without love is meaningless. Maybe it sounds cliché, but here, in the North Atlantic, it seems to me that much is undeniable.

Our fleet scattered. Some zatikharilis and deliberately not communicating, others, on the contrary, an irrepressible desire to communicate on the radio. I stick to its modest position and talk very little.

The batteries run down. They do not have enough sun. The day before departure I turned on the fridge and will use them until you cross the equator, I need fresh food, and as long as possible. But the consumption 4.2 A frankly sad.

17.00. I switched to UTC, is GMT. I plan to stay this time on the entire voyage. It’s easier, when it comes to radio and astronomy.

Pulled from the refrigerator donated at one of the receptions champagne Bauget-Jouette Carte Blanche. Cast a breath of Neptune that he was merciful to me.

Drank himself. Dizzy thoughts. The waves lifted and lowered me. I saw horizon, I was only blue ocean.

Autopilot properly doing his job. It would be necessary to come up with a name for my companion in this long journey. But the assistant, he was skittish yesterday evening, it turned out a funny thing – it closes the stern light and the stern I at all desire it is impossible to see.

Meanwhile life back on track. Fresh water I use only for drinking and cooking. A large stove is not in use because it is too great a consumption of gas, but before swimming I purchased 15 cans, but the gas may need to heat the cabins in the southern Ocean. The water I boiled on the small stove, it is fast and economical.

18.00. Started work on the ship, which, as you know, there is no end. Changed the line, which fixed the wheel because when you use a wind machine the wheel remains stationary, and it needs to be fixed! The previous line was a little thick for bought at Les Sables stoppers, new was just.

19.00. Tried to connect to the Russian infocasa. In Les Sables, I got their frequency and time of connection from the radio operator of the team of Igor Zaretskiy, who I “friend” because I know Russian language.

In addition, today we must send a message to the judges with the help of gadget called the NO-3 and make a phone call on the SAT. This whole routine – to ensure the safety of navigation.

In the morning I was dizzy after the night watch, so don’t want no tea, no coffee. And closer to the dinner really wanted soup. Remained nothing how to reheat cooked on the banks of the soup. Oh, it was delicious!

Meanwhile lost sight of the Irishman Gregor. In the middle of the day I slipped in front of him, hoping to get a small advantage due to the entry of the wind, and then we lost each other from sight. How big the sea is and how easy it is to get lost.

To be continued…

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