Typhon – a personal car on an air cushion

The whole history of mankind proves that there are no such roads impossible to pass. Whether by sea, woods, sand or swamps – walk everywhere if we wanted to. You can not walk? Well, let’s saddle our horse, build a boat, think of a car and a bunch of any other vehicles – for each type of terrain. And even better some one to skillfully and water and forests and on the Sands and marshes. And then we had ATVs and amphibians, and then the eyes of industrial designers rushed in the direction of the hovercrafts.

The idea is not new, the first vessels of this type were designed before the Second world war and today they are widely used in the military for landing, for example. But in normal, civilian life they will be met is not often that it may seem surprising, because such extreme terrain the unit just has to generate interest among lovers of a fast ride on a cold road.

And the problem of unpopularity of the civil courts on an air pillow is not in the fact that there is no one to create talented designers and shipbuilders in this area, believe me, quite a lot. The cause is most likely unattractive to the buyer’s design, complexity in management and maintenance – modern people it is important that everything worked like clockwork, and was wound up by pressing one button, and finally the noise, because these vessels are really noisy.

His solution to these problems proposed by canadian engineer Charles Bombardier and young designer from Slovakia Jan Bujnak. Their joint project, dubbed Typhon, is a private device on an air cushion with a curious appearance, resembling a racing car, with good handling and a number of technological features. Typhon is equipped with a one-litre four-stroke engine that meets for three aerodigestive, and an electric generator, from which it feeds two electric sadayoshi thruster.

The engine in question, used ATV Can-Am Renegade whom Charles Bombardier, apparently, has a special liking, is a Rotax 1000R power 89 HP, He will take over the operation of the Central mover placed in front of the cockpit (you can see it well in the images), as well as two hidden thrusters mounted on the sides of the ship – they will be used, if the center of the propeller is insufficient for the implementation of the maneuvers.

The second challenge Rotax 1000R will be power generator, which summed up two 10-kilowatt electric motor combined with two rear thrusters – the developers say that with a speed of 25 000 rpm they will provide outstanding maneuverability Typhon.

Feature of the ship is called the low noise and the ability to adjust the volume of air in the cushion and thereby change the height above the surface overcome to improve patency. The description of Typhon, which can provide Charles Bombardier and Jan Bujnak at the moment, exhausted.

Obviously, the ambitious project will require a lot of time and work before it will appear in the form of the first prototype. Developers prospects are not afraid, they believe that such vessel as Typhon can count on commercial success.

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