Two steps down

August 22, 2019

      Two steps down
      The two final races held yesterday at the world championship in the “Laser 4.7” class in Canadian Kingston were not the best for our Dmitry Golovkin.

Two steps down

In the first of them, Dmitry finished 26th, in the second – 27th (this result was ejected). And now the Russian has dropped in the overall standings from second place to fourth – after eight races held, he has 50 points.

Ahead of Golovkin is Italian Niccolo Nordera (17 points), Croat Roko Stipanovic (24) and Gasper Strahovnik from Slovenia (39).

The same result as Golovkin’s result (50 points) is for Turk Deirin Baytur.

Girls (here there are no representatives of Russia) are led by Anya Von Allman (Switzerland).

Detailed Results –

96 August 22, 2019 # 9404

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