Two Russians in the top ten

As the press service of the WFTU, in Michmoret (Israel) started the championship in the class Techno 293, which is attended by 168 athletes. Russia at the present regatta Jan Reznikov, Ekaterina Kovaleva, Nikita Nezhentsev and Dmitry Nesterenko.

After two days competition of the European championship the best position from our athletes is Ekaterina Kovaleva – it eighth among Junior girls. In the last three races (a total of six), Catherine finished in the top three, finishing one second and two third places. The leader in this group, the Israeli Tamar Steinberg.

In the classification of the Junior boys are two Russians. Dmitry Nesterenko after six races occupies the tenth place, and in one race he became the first. Nikita Nezhentsev 27th. At the top of the standings, is one of the hosts of the tournament – Daniel Halperin.

Russia’s Yana Reznikov – winner of the world championship, which recently concluded in St. Petersburg, in the standings while the girls took 11th place. According to the coach of the national team of Moscow on Windsurfing Boris Minaev, for the regatta in front of the Yana don’t have a goal to win. Now it was important for her to recover after the world Championships and to be in good shape for the championship of Russia. Note that in this group also leads the representative of Israel – Mika Capri.

Detailed results of the European championship

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