Two – in the top three, near the third


      Two – in the top three, near the third
      The first race day of the world championship in the classroom RC44, which takes Swedish Marstrand from July 10 to 13, presented the participants with excellent conditions: 15 knots of wind, a complex wave and bright sun. After three races, the Russian "Nika" and "Tavatuy" are in the top three, and the "Battleship" ranks fifth.

Two - in the top three, near the third

After the unstable weather of the Adriatic, the sailing "mecca" of Sweden – Marstrand – finally spoiled the fleet of nine pennants with beautiful weather on the very first day of the competition. In a stable wind in the same breath, three RC44 World Cup races were held.

Unexpectedly unstable on the first day were the leaders of the 2019 offset – the Ceeref Slovenes: with one victory and two eighth parishes, Igor La took the penultimate line. And at the last – Monegasque Niko Puns, despite the fact that "Charisma" – the winner of the season-2018.

On the contrary, the debutants of the season started very confidently – “Tavatuy” from Ekaterinburg. The team of Kuznetsov / Neugodnikova was second after two races, but the average finish in the third pushed the Russian crew to the third place in the standings.

Three times world champion, including the winner of the 2017 championship, who also hosted Marstrand, Vladimir Prosikhin started the day unsuccessfully. Back in the top "Nike" helped win the last race. "We waited for the only right approach, which was counted on all day," says Tom Ningsby, Nicky tactician. “And we did it right away!”

For the twice bronze medalist of the world championships (including 2017 in Marstrand) of the crew of the Saint-Petersburg Yacht Club “Battleship” the day also began unsuccessfully. But the second arrival in the final race after teammates helped the crew of Kirill Frolov to return to the game. “Battleship” finished the fifth day with a quite feasible gap to overcome the leaders. “We did not start very well, but in general, after the difficult weather of Croatia and Montenegro, I was pleased with this day,” comments Kirill Frolov. “It’s very nice to come second to the martrand harbor!”

The results of the first day of the world championship in Marstrand –

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