Turk? Finca? Dutch?

July 22, 2019

      Turk? Finca? Dutch?
      Today in Sakaiminato (Japan), where the World Championship in the Laser Radial class is taking place, the first two final races took place.

Turk? Finca? Dutch?

For the former regatta leader, Yosefin Olsson from Sweden, these two races became a real catastrophe: in the first of them she was disqualified, while the other could not finish. And as a result – collapsed to 12th place in the table.

Thanks to this, Edge Guzel from Turkey, who has 40 points (with one shot), has pulled ahead. True, not far from her Tuula Tenkanen (Finland) – 46 points. And one more point from the great and terrible Marit Boumeester (who, we recall, is the silver medalist of the Games in London 2012, the champion of the Games in Rio 2016 and in addition the three-time world champion!). Something tells us that in the end it is the Dutch athlete who will take the gold in Japan.

Once the final races began, it means that the division into the Gold and Silver fleets took place. In the first of them, Ekaterina Zyuzina is racing: in two races on Monday, she became the 35th and 26th and now occupies the 46th place (145 points). Alas, it is very far from the main events.

Valeria Lomatchenko – in the Silver Fleet. She is in 86th place (211 points).

Results after seven World Cup races –


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