Transpac celebrates anniversary

Famous race Los Angeles – Honolulu starts in 50 times

One of the oldest offshore regatta in the world, Transpasific Yacht Race (or Transpac) in 2019 celebrates anniversary: fiftieth start. The first race took place 113 years ago, in June 1906. Then figure out who’s faster will be able to overcome the way from Los Angeles to Honolulu (Hawaii), decided only the crews of three yachts. The route took them 12 days. During the anniversary race July 10, 2019, for a start there are more than 100 boards under the flags of at least seven countries: USA, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Australia, the UK and Austria. Over the past century boats participating are much faster, and now the fastest of them go the distance in the 2225 nautical miles in just 4 days.

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1928 (Aafje)

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1941 (Chubasco)

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1963 (Islander)

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1977 (Winward Passage)

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1987 (Citius)

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2009 (Alfa Romeo)

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2017 (Buona Sera)

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