Tradin – on 13-m a place

In the capital of Qatar – Doha – October 16 ended the first world beach games. Among the latter ended the competition in kiteboarding among men.

The top three finishers were: 1. Florian Gruber (Germany). 2. Nicolas Parle (France). 3. Guy Bridge (UK).

Our Denis Taradin took 13-th place. Only competition was attended by 21 Ryder.

We will remind that the day before the tournament ended kiteboarding in women. Elena Kalinina won the bronze medal.


The press service of the Sailing school “Krestovsky island” took a short review of the high school coach Alexei Chibisov:

– Children – good fellows, fought to the last! Lena Kalinina took third place, with what we congratulate her! Denis Taradin – 13. Despite this, I, as coach, was pleased with the performance of Denis.

Of course, it’s not for us. For this competition we prepared, were selected, but the training cycle, the University made adjustments, and Denis could not allocate time to a more dense preparation. In General, the question arose as to at least let go from the University, and we were able to speak!

Dennis has not been on the water for 5 weeks, but when the qualification, it was not so bad: good starts, stable outputs on the sign in the first group the first 5-7 athletes. At the end of qualifying we had a good chance to catch up with the tenth to 6.7 place. But, unfortunately, on the last day of the competition the last two races not specified. The first Denis before too curled and not on the sign, and the second just drove past calling the wind. Effect on speech and lack of physical form… So the result is what it is.

Overall, it was a great pre-Olympic competitions scale, the extensive experience. Do not know whether in the future be World Beach Games, but I’m sure these games – the first ever – will be remembered by all. Supersubstance, positive and the intensity of wrestling!

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