Toyota is sponsoring the world’s first hydrogen Energy Observer ship

Toyota is sponsoring the world’s first hydrogen Energy Observer ship


Energy Observer is the first Autonomous ship the hydrogen, which produces hydrogen from sea water and does not emit greenhouse gases. The purpose of a six-year circumnavigation Energy Observer is to find solutions for renewable energy. “Ship of the future” sponsored by Toyota Motor Europe, which has long demonstrated a strong commitment to renewable energy.

Energy Observer was adapted to use solar energy, wind power and waves that complement its hydrogen technology, including the electrolyzer, which converts water into hydrogen and oxygen. Then, at 350-700 bar hydrogen is compressed and stored in eight tanks, made of aluminum and carbon fiber, ready for use when needed. As a result, the ship has a significant weight advantage (50% displacement) in comparison to the exclusive solution for storage batteries.



Initially, the Energy Observer was 24,38 meters in length, but was extended four times, and today it is the longest is 30.5 meters and a width of 12.80 meters. A fully white interior and light-weight furnishings inside complement the essence of this vessel.

Launched in 2017 in the city of Saint-Malo, France, Energy Observer started his mission, the purpose of which is to demonstrate green energy network on a large scale. After the study of France in 2017, at the moment, the ship continues study in the Mediterranean sea, in 2019 will travel to Northern Europe, and in 2020 Energy Observer strives to reach Tokyo during the Olympic games.


Toyota is sponsoring the world’s first hydrogen Energy Observer ship


The crew, led ocean racer and an officer in the merchant Navy with Victoriana Russkom, as well as a researcher and documentary filmmaker Jerome Delafosse, will visit 50 countries and will make 11 stops to get acquainted with those who is working on alternative solutions for the production of more clean energy with minimal impact on our planet.

Recently, on 6 July, the expedition arrived in Venice and will be in port for 10 days. Crew Energy Observer creates an interactive exhibition to showcase environmentally friendly technologies, which everyone can see. Throughout the expedition, the team of researchers will provide documentary content about specific and reliable solutions around the world as the chief Ambassador of France in order to achieve the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN.


Toyota is sponsoring the world’s first hydrogen Energy Observer ship
Toyota is sponsoring the world’s first hydrogen Energy Observer ship


Official website of the expedition

20 years ago, Toyota was a pioneer in matters relating to hydrogen technology. Focusing on hydrogen, they provided him work as a practical alternative fuel that operated the ship confirms. The company found that hydrogen allows “fast refueling, a significant range of motion and a great driving experience without emissions, which helps to control the vehicles such as the Toyota Mirai, as well as buses, trucks and even forklifts”. And all this reflects a promising future in solving one of the major challenges of the 21st century!

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