Towering over each other

The second day of racing at the penultimate, the fourth regatta of the drawing 44Cup held in Portugal Cascais, has brought changes in the position of the Russian teams in the table. Elena Tekina:

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Team Nika’s Vladimir Prosikhin remained in 4th place with 8-m, 2-m and 3-m sprints in three races of the day. At the 5th spot Tavatuy Pavel Kuznetsov: the team after the last two places in the first two races of the day managed to win the third race and the first Russian teams for this Cup to earn a premium champagne. And 7th place in the overall continues to occupy a “Battleship” Kirill Frolov (4-7-6).

Among the leaders of the Cup there was a small castling. From the second to the first place went to the British Team Aqua of Chris Bake with Cameron Aptana as a tactic (6-1-4). First-day leader Monegasque Charisma Nico Punch connected with her on points and is now on the second line (3-4-5). The French Aleph retained third place (1-5-2).

Although a Northwest wind early in the day was weak, the third race he got up to 15-16 knots and proved to be quite stable. From noon until three in the afternoon, the Race Committee managed to hold all the three scheduled races. At the start and at the approach to the signs the boat literally towered over each other, overcoming even higher than the day before, the waves, and from the outside it looked just incredible! Fortunately the wave was very long, but the resulting 3D distance still delivered a lot of challenges to crews.

Nika in the first race did not get back into the settings and was slow, and only in the second race, the helmsman managed to accelerate the boat, to come to the first sign and the second to finish 2-M. In the third race after not too successful start, Nika was able at the first sign to be the 5th, and then a good gust at 20 knots, the team successfully completed the full course and was at the gate already 3rd, retaining this position until the finish line. According to Vladimir Prosikhin, to the second race he was able paralytica, and the wind became more – so it became easier to cope with the wave. “I hope we got in a rut. Yesterday we had 15 points, 14 today, but is very important in what they order. It is now 8-2-3”.

The “Tavatuy” Pavel Kuznetsova’s first two starts have failed. Moreover, in the first race the boat caught fishing for crab trap and was forced to stop and free himself. But a great start from the pin and high speed in the third race allowed the team to lead the entire distance and finish with a separation from the entire fleet in a couple of hundred meters.

According to the steering command “Battleship” Kirill Frolov, on Friday, all we were better than before but challenges remain missing. In the third race his boat was the third, but the first diffraction piled on the sign and was forced to work off the fine, so the race was completed by only 6 minutes, and did not allow the team to improve their position in the overall.

Today, October 5, the first start scheduled for 12:00 local time. To follow the races on the site

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