Together cheerfully to walk on open spaces…

We have repeatedly written about the cheerful young Breton sailor Yves gurece the yacht and its constant companion – the Canary chick named Monica. And now a new reason to remember them.

Yves and Monica closed circle – starting your voyage around America in the Caribbean, they went on the yacht of the canadian Northwest passage, then descended to the roughness of the horn latitudes, and skirted it, came to traverse the Cape of Good Hope, turned to the North-West and finally back to the place in the Caribbean, where three years ago, began its voyage.

In total they covered around 40 thousand miles, and during this time, Monica had laid over a thousand eggs (Yes, with the protein in a young body Willow, apparently, had no problems).

“It wasn’t always easy, wrote on his Facebook Eve. – We were infinitely long polar nights, we fought against the tons of ice that threatened to crush Yvenic.

We struggled with hunger and fatigue, spending days and nights in the cold. We experienced such a storm that I previously thought existed except in books. We were flying down waves with 20-node speed, a countless number of times hit broking and once even tipped over.

But we lived our dream for all hundred percent! Happy, no strings, no obligations: just the horizon, just unexpected adventure, freedom and endless possibilities.

But this is not over! In fact, the voyage will be completed only at home in Brittany – a few months. And as long as the hurricane season closes us the way home, we will try to enjoy the softness of the tropics.
Vive la vie!”

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