Today will be the 90th anniversary race!

October 9, 2019

      Today will be the 90th anniversary race!
      Today in San Remo will continue the anniversary regatta dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Dragon class. 162 crews take part in the races, including 16 teams representing Russia.

Today will be the 90th anniversary race!

Two first qualifying races were held yesterday (there will be four in total). Qualification competitions, as we have already said, are held in two fleets (81 teams each), with the leading crews included in the TOP-30 of the world ranking equally divided between the fleets.

In both fleets, the victory in the first race was achieved by Russian teams. In Fleet A – RUS 27 ANNAPURNA Anatoly Loginov, in Fleet B – RUS 34 TO BE CONTINUED Vasily Senatorov. However, in the second race of the day, both teams performed much less successfully, and in the sum of two starts ANNAPURNA is in its 15th fleet (38 points, arrivals 1 – 37), while TO BE CONTINUED is in 16th place (39 points, 1 – 38).

Mike Hayles' GBR 764 NAIAD took the lead in Fleet A: the English crew had 14 points (arrivals 9 – 5). Note that in the third position in this fleet RUS 2 ALISA, Alexander Yezhkov – 18 points (arrivals 11 – 7).

Irish IRL 180 SERAFINA Goggin Murphy became the leader in Fleet B – 5 points (3 – 2). In fourth place is the ITA 77 BUNKER PRINCE team under the Italian flag, led by Eugene Braslavets – 14 points (arrivals 13 – 1). At the same time, the 6th is RUS 31 INTEGRITY of Mikhail Senatorov – 23 points (6 – 17).

Here are the full results of the first day in each of the fleets:

Today in San Remo, the 90th Anniversary Race will take place, in which all 162 arrivals will take part in the crew celebrations (what an amazing sight it will be!). After that, a series of special races will take place – with the participation of those teams where women are steering, classic boats, youth crews, veterans. And, finally, the Champions Race will be held at the end of the race: crews will perform in it, where the helmsmen are winners or prize-winners of the Olympics, the World and European Championships, as well as the World Cups in any class.

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