“To act in the interests of the sport”

In the Network appeared an open letter to the President and CEO, World Sailing from the International OK Dinghy Association, which are not enthusiastic about changes in Olympic program.

Here is the text of the letter the Association sent to the World Sailing with the expression of their concerns:

“Dear Kim and Andy,
I write in my capacity as President of OKDIA, the International Association of class OK Dinghy, to Express our dissatisfaction with the process and decisions adopted by the World Sailing last year to exclude “Finn” from the Olympic games in 2024.

International OK Dinghy Class celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2017 and continues to grow in its popularity all over the world. Traditionally, our class was used as an intermediate step for the development of yachting singles up to campaign for Olympic selection among finniston. Recently our class saw former finnity and yachtsmen from many other classes chose the boat OK as its a racing Dinghy from a single design nature of the class, accessibility, world standard races, including the annually held world, European and regional Championships (and, of course, the “social character” of our class).

The world championship OK-2019 was held in February in Auckland, New Zealand, which competed more than 100 yachts. In this competition, defeated former Olympic finest Dan Slater, Olympic gold medalist and former Finnish Freddie Loof, and 17-year-old world champion among juniors Josh Armit finished third. We are proud of the OK Dinghy and we believe that the growing popularity of the class benefited and the world as a way to promote our wonderful sport in many countries.

The annual General meeting of OKDIA was held in Auckland in connection with the holding of the world championship in February 2019. At this meeting the representative of Australia told the audience that the Association class has written to the Australian yachting Federation a letter expressing disappointment at the decision of the World Sailing to withdraw from a class “Finn”, starting with the Olympics 2024 in favor of a mixed keel boat for two people. The hall was General agreement that OKDIA expressed their dissatisfaction with the overall direction of the development of sailing in the world, in particular, the development of the Olympic classes. The meeting agreed that OKDIA needs to write a letter to Sailing World and represent the views of the countries-members of the OKDIA that reflect these views.

I personally go by boat OK for nearly 40 years, from the time when I was 16 years old and I still enjoy sailing and compete with both new and old friends from many countries. I have also recently joined the competition for the Finn Masters and also enjoy a high level of competition mixed with great friendship. With this experience, I can personally Express my feelings and concern riders class OK Dinghy in terms of the strategic direction of World Sailing – it seems to me that it is not – and alarmed decisions. In my opinion, they indicate a lack of leadership in terms of respecting the past and shaping a shared vision of the future.

On behalf of the class OK Dinghy I implore you and everyone in the World Sailing to act in the best interests of our sport and its future and the people you represent.

Sincerely yours
Mark Jackson
OKDIA President”.

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