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On the website of the WFTU published the appeal of the President of the Russian Association of the Finn class at the decision of the World Sailing under the program of the Olympics-2024

Dear friends, on June 2 sailing world was stunned by the news connected with the decision of the Council of World Sailing, subsequently endorsed by the conference, to replace the program of the Olympic games in 2024 slot that was given to including in the Finn class, to pitch a deuce for marine offshore racing.

Of course, many, this decision shocked and hard to find in it a consistency and logic, as well as communication with all the arguments that were put forward for the implementation of changes in recent years. Many athletes, especially young ones, who set a goal to get to the Olympic games and achieve high awards, as well as their coaches, parents, sponsors, producers – in General the whole industry in sailing, now I feel just thrown out of the Olympic movement, as worthy an adequate replacement for men in weight above 85 kg in the Olympic program is not abandoned.

Of course, the international Association of the Finn class will continue to fight and use any chance to achieve the preservation of Finn class in the Olympic program (and the chances are still there).

But I wanted to write to you with the following:

Olympic games long time been the pinnacle of sporting achievements, while they lived ideas and values laid down by Pierre de Coubertin. However, in the modern world with the shift of this highest sports competition in the direction of entertainment, transforming it into a luxury industry, there is a drift away from the original ideas, detachment from the traditions, roots and the value of Olympic medals is getting smaller.

The next step, the exception is contrary to all logic from the Olympic program in 2024, the oldest of the Finn class, is proof of this. This is a class with a rich tradition; the class in which the debugged class rules and control, and thus anyone is allowed to build their own boat; a class that is constantly introducing new technologies; class, which has achieved great results in the extension offices of the participating countries.

That is very easy to transcend these long-term investments and achievements, shows a complete transformation and detachment from the original principles and values, which determined the value of Olympic medals.

So now, perhaps, it is time to choose another vertex.

Sailing much broader than the Olympic games. There are many interesting classes of yachts, events, formats in which you can become national heroes, to assert themselves, to achieve different heights.

The Finn class remains basic to the training of helmsmen and the best exercise equipment hone all aspects of training as due to the projectile, and due to high competition in the class.

Remain the world, European Championships and other competitions in which you can implement yourself. And, of course, finity now in demand everywhere: in the classroom Star in all cruising classes and speed classes up to the draft America’s Cup. Very prestigious in the Finn class veterans ‘ movement “masters”.

On the other hand, we must not forget that in sport lays the basic idea is education of healthy, harmoniously developed generation, and the Olympic games only a certain measure in this direction. In this regard, the Finn class valuable and unique traditions and atmosphere – it is going to interesting, intelligent, active, successful in life men and in this brotherhood there is no place for deceit and intrigue. Communication in this environment provides unique charge, which later on will play in your life a positive role and contribute to your personal success outside of sailing. The Finn class by itself, trains leaders, elite managers, successful in many areas.

Of course, the loss of the Olympic status could adversely affect the priorities of state support in the current system of sports administration in our country. But, if you look at the current situation, it is not so bad. Since 2005, when it was formed by the Russian Association of a class the Finn, the efforts of the Association in Russia formed quite a large private fleet of modern yachts Finn class, and in today’s competition, the share of private yachts is more than 80%. Thanks to the enthusiasm of finniston and worked at the time, the national winter training program in class Finn in Sochi, the Finn class is now widely represented in Russia. In competitions throughout the season, regularly performs more than 120 active racers. And it is the Foundation that holds the class. Regardless of the Olympic program, we are not going to destroy the boats and will not cease to hold competitions. Class will not die under any circumstances.

Class remains an international, all-Russian register of sports, it is also possible to hold a championship, Championships, Cups of Russia, to carry the bits to the title. Athletes coming out of the Laser, have nowhere else to go, as in the Finn class. The Finn class remains the base for training and honing skills of steering. Therefore, the youth section of the sailing school will be forced to continue the program this class.

As for adult competitions, I think that a class in a certain part of waiting for the flowering. The transition to a new quality would be cleansed of any political/commercial aspects, always present in the Olympic disciplines, to greater freedom for creative ideas and to fine-tune the activities under the format that we believe more interesting. In some ways, the class will become more available and the competitions is less expensive.

The Finn class remains an elite class in sailing, where as nowhere clearly measured personal qualities such as courage, brutality, athleticism and skill of sailing races. It still remains a source of leaders, in demand everywhere.

No, we will not take our history, our traditions, the pleasure of unity with a yacht, the atmosphere of the game and excitement to our competitions. Everything is in our hands!

So, friends, do not hang your nose, do not lose heart, and embrace change as a new challenge and new capabilities that we brought to a new qualitative level of our competitions in the Finn class, socializing and educating the young generation in sound values of real men, honoring and preserving our traditions! We are all for it and everything depends only on us!

Young guys – life goes on, it is much broader and more interesting than the Olympic games, and it is much more interesting vertices for self-affirmation. Association Finn class will always be glad to the help, support in your endeavors and discover new heights to achieve, and most importantly – to emerge as real men.


Vasiliy Kravchenko,

the President of the Russian Association of yachts Finn

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