“Three times were in the network”

Until the end of the race with a time of 63-year-old French skipper Francis Guiana and four members of his team just a few days or even hours. The goal of Guyana and Co – install the Maxi-trimaran IDEC SPORT world record on the distance from Port-Louis in Mauritius to Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. 4000 nautical miles.

Now, at 12.00 Moscow time on Monday to finish at Ho Chi Minh city team SPORT IDEC remains of 520 miles. It seems to be – not much, but the catch is that for the last two days managed to overcome just (not believe!) 286 miles! This is due, firstly, with a calm weather, counter current, and second, when passing the island of Kalimantan in the way of the trimaran more than a hundred times (!) was fishing huts on stilts.

“On Sunday night gave us a lot of trouble especially, wrote in his diary, Guion. – No one batted an eye. At some point we finally got some wind, but the speed increase couldn’t – didn’t want to come across a hut or get caught in fishing nets. Three times still got. Fortunately, the dive was not needed: freed from the network pretty quickly.”

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