Three days to Australia

January 30, 2019

      Three days to Australia
      The 14th day of the nonstop race around the world of the 40-meter maxi-trimaran Spindrift 2 with skipper Jan Guichard ended the day.

Three days to Australia

Spindrift 2 is still going better than the graphics of its virtual rival – IDEC-SPORT trimaran with skipper Francis Juyon, who has owned Jules Verne Trophy since 2017. The advantage of Gishar and his crew of 11 people is currently (at 15.30 Moscow time on Wednesday) 357 nautical miles (about 15 hours).

In the last 24 hours Spindrift 2 crossed 838 nautical miles, while its average speed was 34.9 knots. Excellent, but the problem is that IDEC-SPORT had about the same indicators during the passage of the Indian Ocean. In order not to slow down the pace, Guichard decided to go far south of his predecessors (there is the most favorable wind situation), although he understands how risky it is: icebergs are visible on satellite images.

Recall that on Tuesday Spindrift 2 crossed the longitude of the Cape of Good Hope. Now ahead is the second famous cape – Lewwin in southwestern Australia. IDEC-SPORT, during its record attempt, crossed its longitude 17 days 07 hours and 01 minutes after the start.

Let's see what the result on this segment will show Spindrift 2. The wait is long.

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