Thompson and Dim turned on Argo

Monday, 18 February, Antigua kicks off regatta, THE Caribbean 600 in which the participants have to go through the route among the 11 Caribbean Islands.

In the regatta was supposed to take part 78 vessels from more than 20 countries (including under the Russian flag, but we’ll cover that later). And yet let, the Navy and THE Caribbean 600 has become one yacht less, and it triggered a loud response.

Yesterday during one of the last trainings to the South of Antigua capsized trimaran MOD 70 Argo American skipper Jason Carroll. The reason capsize, according to witnesses, was completely unexpected strengthening of a wind to squall, whose speed exceeded 25-27 knots.

It’s noted that at this moment on Board the Argo as guests were the famous Brian Thompson and françois Gabaret. Fortunately, the incident no one was hurt.

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