Third were the Italians

Yesterday in Cagliari in Sardinia, in the headquarters of the Italian team Luna Rossa, which, recall, is the “address candidate” 36th America’s Cup, was launched on the yacht АС75.

Boat built at the shipyard Persico Marine. As highlighted in a press release on the development and creation of the vessel employed more than 90 people who in the end spent at work 78 thousand man-hours.

The President of the syndicate Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Patrizio Bertelli said at the ceremony: “We the sixth time joined in the struggle for America’s Cup, but the emotions that I am experiencing, does not become smaller. Before you – a truly revolutionary boat, the construction of which used the latest technology. I hope it will develop up to 45 knots!”

According to the skipper of the team, max Siren, the main task of the developers was to make, starting, the yacht could as quickly as possible to climb Falah. This time, it is likely to be decisive in the struggle for America’s Cup.

Recall that before the Italians their АС75 presented to the public, Emirates Team (New Zealand) and American Magic (USA). And tomorrow, Friday, presentation of the boat will hold a British INEOS Team UK.

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