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Anton Timakov wrote on his Facebook page extremely interesting – and important – note. What? This is read – learn! Reprint it completely.

Small post (or large, still do not know) how to close/open the border in Italy. I think those who have experienced this in Russia, will be a little interesting.

Just note – I did not do it once and not in one place (if suddenly someone will say – Oh, just lucky.

Go to the Marina. Immediately resorted Mariner and invites the office to pay for Parking (50-70-80€, where as branch. Executed.

And if the border is CLOSED – no one protects and does not prohibit to go to either (our guards and port authorities are now in perplexity – confusion, violation of state border, etc.)
Then go to the police.

Hello. we need a chek-in (or check-out).

A police officer takes the passport and leaves for 10 minutes, makes the prints, then asks the ship’s documents. JUST LOOKING AT THEM straight at the door, gives up and says: could you go to the harbourmaster’s office?! I ask – this is a must?

The last time (at closures) officer said, come in, say bye-bye, smiled at that and waved a hand.
In fact – everything. Since the advent of printing in the passport – the border is open/closed, BUT you can still move to the gas station, the store, anywhere (but abuse is not necessary, of course). You are still not holding, not pushing, not controlling and not mistaken for a potential enemy – Welcome!

The captain of the port Inn in the office who may not speak English, and therefore your visit they may be completely uninteresting)procedure takes even less time. Often faced with a dumb question: well, they say, came (a country),so go where you want, what we need?!

So, friends, what do you think – is it carelessness(well, the enemy will penetrate, etc.?unwillingness to work? Or just the approach to this issue is simpler, easier!?

When you do this to us several times from the darkness of night came the boats of the GUARDIA DE FINANZA (Google that for structure) illuminated by floodlights for a couple of minutes and silently ischezali in the night (look at the reaction of the crew, looking for illegal immigrants). That is, they see one. Know what you need.

We do not have AISA. The reflector and the one in the drawer.

And you are no agents, piles of letters, a terrible port berths…

I’m not understand for the life of me… we’ve come up with (in the country in the sense that many have adopted the good and the great of the same in Europe – we have a lot of what they have so far.

But humanity… understanding… simplicity which facilitates both life and work – we apparently gave away to neighbors, and myself left.
And every head wants to spin out its nut in the complicated mechanism of the system.

If the PSC – do not come in flip flops, the application 48 hours to go. NSLI guards write a letter, the night did not come, give me the ladder.
If the port is just Achtung – payment of moorage for a minimum of 100 meters, the payment is only through an agent;a mandatory kazachetstvo security….
I’m only about customs(Novorossiysk branch can ONLY say GOOD, for at the approach to the Wharf inspector was standing. From tea and refused, saying that he owes us a “place” for 30 minutes. Can’t say that I 100% attribute this to the fact that the chief (or even two)customs either removed, or not put, no… depends on the person. From the way he does his job and what is your opinion about yourself you want to leave the Inn again – about the custom I have now only positive feedback)

Comes yacht in Russia, and her go – wait. wait. the agent application, the mooring plan, the design of vztk, and blah blah blah… weather/storm – stand and wait.

WELL? SOOOO can so relate to people?!

No one says the captain, stand up to the dock, where it’s safe and wait quietly. (I did not say – get up and go make out, you dig)
I PERSONALLY said it is expected a hurricane-force wind (to 60уз on and weigh anchor, get out in the drift Inn agent did not have time to arrange sabotage before the coming storm. And at this time clearly realize that the attitude you like crap. Here the steamer is great – yeah. he carries the loot. for it can “top” to fly. And you’re on your ahtoska – no one and your life is not interesting.

And in that situation (I refused, of course, to leave and decided just to go to the yacht club and hide there, waiting for the weather)one of the border chiefs ordered (this is me then at the meeting from him and learned)to put in the yacht club security, but not to interfere with Parking, mooring and waiting for better weather.

This is not Putin ordered specifically to everyone, it is a personal initiative of individual head (change, service, port, and etc.)

I understand that in a country where sailing developed as we transport grain trucks(the number mean)and the shoreline is equal to almost the entire state of the country – there is a policeman every second, every third captain of the port and Harbor master – I went once on the boat, participated in the regattas…they understand everything inside and try to FACILITATE all the procedures to make a good impression, to create a safe environment…

And we have…Lord chiefs – what did you do to facilitate, simplify, and good memories?!(I know that such “me” reading is not enough, including from the list of port authorities)NOTHING. Nothing.

I have a recording of the conference in Moscow under the chairmanship Olersky, where he gives a CLEAR direction to create the conditions and opportunities for boaters to REMOTELY issued(online), citing the fact that the captain of the yacht that had come from afar inconvenient to go several miles to the kapitaniya, and which in the end is still not allowed in shorts, that is “there” above is logic, understanding, humanity – they see a problem, though not always…

This entry – 2016.

Something made since?Answer yourself…

In Gelendzhik on the captains yacht rental are the protocols if passengers are without life jackets.

In Yekaterinburg at the guard that kicked the baby(girl, forgot the money for the trip branch from bus 20-degree temperatures, brought the case under the same article (as for captains of yachts in Gelendzhik branch – LEAVING IN DANGER.

And how should the actions of the port authorities, kicking out a sailing yacht from a port in a hurricane?… and in any way. In this case, blame the captain again.

It is a pity, not to collect such “chiefs” on Board the yacht and make them transition to 100 miles on horrorosa weather!(because to stand on the bridge of the tanker is one thing but on the deck and feel every gust of wind and a wave is completely different.)maybe then the understanding of what is happening, though so little would have changed?..

I hope to replace this generation of would-commanders will come a new generation of young, modern, mobile, and adequate leaders, ready to solve the existing problems, not to unsubscribe in Moscow that all is well..

And at the end.

Year in 2015 when I worked in Novorossiysk PSC in our port came in the sailboat World.

I was on duty in the night shift and with the window 4 floors in the morning with all the change (5 persons)watched as several buses have changed the cadets of the Vladivostok school, passing practice on the sailboat…

Guys, looking at it, discussed what they say, there is practice on a sailboat for adovada or sudomeh – no cargo system, no CPU, etc. etc…, a waste of time.

Around 7.30 a.m. in the premises of the PSC had our main greatest boss, said Hello, asked how I was doing, and then went to the window and says – Oh, the students came to practice…. imagine how lucky they are to undergo practical training on Board the sailing ship?!
And the whole PSC nodding with one voice – Oh, very lucky, very, sailing practice is passing – what could be better!

For some reason I was in the moment and funny and sad. 2 minutes entered the room and left only ONE person, and has changed from 4ro…

If you wish, in the comments to write something like- …it’s Russia, there’s no nothing blah blah blah – better leave that opinion to yourself, only to hear it(mainly from the sofa “specialists” and bums)and ask yourself: should it you and what have you done to make it better?!

And so – thank you for your attention and all of associated wind – it’s the end of the road you will find only the Novorossiysk customs.

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