There was enough wind for one race

August 22, 2019

      There was enough wind for one race
      On the last day of the pre-Olympic test competitions held in Enoshima (Japan), it was planned to conduct medal races in five disciplines. But, alas, the wind was enough only for one of them.

There was enough wind for one race

This medal race is 470 women, and the French crew Alois Returna / Camille Lecuantre defeated it. They, it must be said, were leaders before the decisive start. So no sensations.'s_Two_Person_Dinghy-470_for_Medal_Race_as_of_22_AUG_at_1701.pdf

In other classes, as already mentioned, the medal race was canceled due to lack of wind. Thus, there were no changes compared to the previous day. Pavel Sozykin and Denis Gribanov (470, men) remained in fifth place. Well, the result is decent.'s_Two_Person_Dinghy-470_as_of_22_AUG_at_1655.pdf

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