There are no small things!

Irina Gracheva – on the 34th race of the Mini-Fastnet, which she paired with Konstantin Grenada team took 19th place out of 57 in the series fleet and the 36th of the 79-year-in the overall standings:

To be honest, a wonderful photo from Simon Jourdan made during the race-prologue, fully reflects our status during the race, the Mini Fastnet

Medium Spinnaker, which we put in the photo, was torn during the prologue and taped before the start of the Mini-Fastnet.

As you remember, combat average spin I had lost in the previous race, and now raced under the old. It turned out that the fabric is so tired that when cleaning in the strong wind bottom part just broke away over the entire length.

Therefore, at the beginning of the race we had to carry not optimal sails and lose.
New Spinnaker in the manufacturing process from Ullman Sails!

And I really took a bad start. Just late, not calculating the time. And all the way reproached myself for it. Once in the last echelon at the starting line, I see clearly how much you lose, not having clean wind for a long time. Start superwagen even in the offshore company. There are no small things!

After passing the Fastnet lighthouse, he drew up a restart – the fleet back together. A new wind came, as expected, from the East. And we took a more advantageous position.

The main stage was more energetic than promised by the forecast. Instead of 11-15 knots day about the barrel 20. Managed to work on the settings of the autopilot under these conditions with a big Spinnaker!

In this race 80% of the serial fleet consisted of new boats – Pogo 3, Vector Skow and Skow Maxi. It was very interesting to see how they will behave and whether Maxi to finally compete with Pogo 3. The race conditions were very similar to what we have to meet on the Transat.

While the podium remained for 3 Pogo. But so far the strongest riders sitting on this project, and beelzy Maxi has not had time to learn their boats and train. It is felt that the project has great potential, and it is this boat worth taking to the next Mini Transat project!

Words of gratitude:
my co-skipper Konstantin Grenada team for the patience and fortitude; and to the Winches Club organizers for a great race and always a warm atmosphere; our bolelshiki and friends who support us; to our wonderful partners and sponsors!

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