The youth Olympic games. The second day.

Difficult from an organizational point of view was the second day of competition. The weak wind did not carry out the scheduled number of races.

Starts in all three classes were given on time, weather and wind gave us hope. But later the competition the kite was delayed, and the second race of catamarans cancelled. Surfers also were able to spend only one race, the boys and the girls.

Nakra 15:

The winners of the first race in the class Nacra 15 was the French team – Titan Petar and Kenza Cuter.

“We will fight and score points in every race. We are incredibly excited to represent France in this competition.“

Second place was taken by the Argentines Dante’s Cittadini and Teresa Romeiro, the third steel Santacru Eloise and Adrian Surroca from Spain.

Recall that the Nacra 15 first came into the program of the youth Olympic games.


Among the girls in the class Techno 293+ strongest was Russian Reznikov, Jan. She won the race and is a strong second place, with a lag of just one point from the leader of Georgia Speciale.

The Italian Nicolo Renna won the third race and approached the leader, Greek Culpo Kalogiannakis, which came in second. In third place are all the same Chinese Chose Chen.

Russian Egor Zhilin came in 15th and dropped to the 9th position in the table.


The results of the two races of the girls in the Finals And hit Sofia Tomasini (Italy), Nina Front (Spain), Poem Newland (France), Paula Herrmann (Dominican Republic), She is Romani (Argentina) and Olivia Klobuck (Poland).

“I enjoyed the race and glad to get to the Finals And since has made great efforts for this.” said Paula Herrmann after the first racing day.

The guys in the finals And took Benoit Gomez (France), Cameron Parmenides (USA), Manoel DOS Santos Neto (Brazil), Adeui the Kornil (Dominican Republic), Tony Vodusek (Slovenia) and Christian Tio (Philippines).

Competitions in kite are also for the first time in the sailing competitions of the Youth Olympic Games.

All results can be viewed here.

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