The yacht is the Ambulance: crew Axioma helped a sick passenger sailboat

Morning on 11 December was the team’s 72-foot Charter superyacht Axioma Dunya is full of worries. During a stretch of boats across the Atlantic to the Caribbean in the middle of the ocean, they took an emergency call from aboard the 16-metre sailboat Mowe 2. The passenger boat was suffering from severe pain in the abdomen and needed urgent medical care.

The main living Axioma quickly turned into a hospital ward. There gathered all the necessary medical equipment, which could be found on Board. The Mowe 2 sent the lifeboat, where the “patient” and his personal belongings were taken to the yacht.

Under the guidance of experts from international SOS MedAire system two specially trained crew members Axioma has provided the patient with the necessary assistance.

This allowed to safely wait for the doctors, who arrived from the Azores on the ship Esperanza del Mar 8 hours after the first alarming call from Mowe 2.

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