The world’s first yacht with solar energy and hydrogen from H2-Yachts

H2-Yachts, a division of the Swiss company H2-Industries AG developed the world’s first super-yacht to renewable energy sources. Its electric propulsion system and generators are powered by solar panels and as a primary fuel the ship uses a liquid organic hydrogen.

The chief architect of Michael Stus (Michael Stusch) from Mallorca – itself an experienced captain with 20 years experience- worked on the vessel for over four years. The design of the exterior and interior was created by Austrian design firm Motion Code: Blue, with which we are familiar on the project Migaloo – submarine, or, as it is called by the developers, a private research yacht for a deep dive.

Superyacht from H2-Yachts has a length of 62 meters (204 ft) maximum width of 7,5 meters (24,6 ft) and a draught of 2 meters (6.6 feet). On Board provides accommodation to 16 guests and 12 crew members.

In the aft is the beach club area of 480 sq m with two swimming pools, a waterfall, lounge area with sun loungers and operated hard top roof on the upper deck. The area of the proposed platform is 100 sq. m.

The owner’s Suite occupying a large portion of the main deck. They open onto a private terrace with Spa, sauna, steam and hydrogen baths.

The superstructure on the upper deck hides a large dining room with dining table for 16 persons. There is also a bar and grill and oven for cooking pizza, wood fired.

Garage for the tender located on the lower deck, just below the beach club. Garage door open at the sides of the vessel, forming a balcony – more space for recreation and entertainment around located on the pool level. In the garage are two tender – 11 in length and 9 metres and a jet ski. In the bow of the yacht is the helipad.

One of the main design features of the vessel are solar panels built into the hull and superstructure. Their total area is about 850 sq. m. Battery feed six batteries with a capacity of 170 kW each that in the aggregate equal to 1 MW. According to the developers, only solar-powered super yacht is able to perform autonomously a distance of over 5,000 nautical miles.

However, the main innovative component of the project is installation of hydrogen LOHC (liquid organic hydrogen carrier), or CARBAZOL, with a water tank capacity of 250 000 litres. From this water produces hydrogen, which is then converted in the fuel cell, while generated water is continuously being updated.

Such an unusual propulsion system is terminated with two mushroom screws system Voith-Schneider that provides quiet operation, electric stabilizers with capacity of 2 x 500 kW and a dynamic positioning system. Cruise speed is 13 knots.

According to various sources, modern super – and mega-yachts burn up to 3 million liters of diesel fuel per year, which is akin to the indicators of non-stop operation of engines in the order of 1 million passenger cars. The super-yacht of the project H2-Yachts used is absolutely pure, safe and, most importantly, renewable energy produced from water. It is not known how much can cost such a project, but why we do not leave the confidence that the customer will not have to search too long.

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