The winners of THE Transatlantic Race failed to set a land speed record

The only trimarans participating in THE Transatlantic Race — the Italian Maserati Multi70 with skipper Giovanni Soldini (Giovanni Soldini) and MOD70 PowerPlay with the Cayman Islands with skipper Collier Wakefield (Ned Collier Wakefield) — December 1, finished in Marina Port Louis (Grenada, Caribbean).

Their “match race” which began almost immediately after the start, continued throughout the race. In the end, the time team Soldini 6 days, 18 hours, 54 minutes and 34 seconds, and the time team Wakefield 6 days, 19 hours, 40 minutes and 12 seconds.

The difference in “actual” time the finish line was only about 45 minutes and after correction, it turned out that Maserati, who finished first, will get only the Grand Prix Multihull Line Honours and first place in tier MOCRA this year took all the crew of the PowerPlay. The situation is perhaps a bit comical when you consider that in addition to these two participants in the racing fleet there is no more Multihull boats not only of the MOCRA class, but any other type.

“The race was very tense, but to be so many days in the ocean with PowerPlay so close to each other was just fantastic. We love it. We learned a lot about our boat, including through the PowerPlay into their strategy early in the race, and she was very curious,” admitted Giovanni Soldini.

None of the crew failed to beat the record Phaedo3 Lloyd Thornburg (Lloyd Thornburg), which in 2015 during THE Transatlantic Race went from the Canaries to Grenada, 2995 nautical miles in a record 5 days, 22 hours, 46 minutes and 3 seconds.

“The first night I thought the next seven days in this mode will be difficult, but actually got better and better. Speed was decent, the weather is great, despite a few squalls. To be in a team with Eddie Warden Owen (Eddie Warden Owen, CEO of THE) pleasure. He shared with us his stories and we laughed throughout the whole race,” — said the captain of the team PowerPlay Peter Cunningham (Peter Cunningham).

It seems that the next will finish in Grenada is the largest boat in this race — 39,62-metre monotype Baltic 130 My Song of the Italian pier Luigi loro Pian (Pier Luigi Loro Piana). According to the tracker, it may happen as early on the morning of 5 December. He still has a chance to beat the speed record for THE Transatlantic Race for monohull vessels, which was established in 2015 by a French crew on a 30-metre Maxi Dolphin Nomad IV. To do this, My Song must finish earlier than 10 days, 7 hours and 6 minutes after the start of the race. According to the tracker, now estimated time to finish — 10 days, 15 hours and 30 minutes.

In Class 40, represented by only three teams, the Norwegian crew of the Hydra came out fighting for the first place. The yachtsmen had to make a pit stop at Cape Verde because of the backlash in the steering system. After more careful inspection it turned out that the boat broke a prop tiller. French Earendil remained unconditional (at least currently) the leader of the class. According to the tracker, from going on the second place boat Sirius Earendil gets in about 4 days. At the same time Sirius and Hydra share about 7 hours.

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