The wind has failed…

“A large Cup–2018” buernomu sport, the competition which was to be held from 15 to 18 November in the waters of the Novosibirsk reservoir, did not take place due to adverse weather conditions.

According to the website of the WFTU, November 15, before the official starts, practice races were held. On the ice of the Ob sea came 10 DN iceboat class and eight – class “Ice optimist”. The athletes have a real pleasure of smooth ice smooth and stable wind force 7-8 meters per second. And was looking forward to the race tomorrow, ready to show off their sports cars in “combat” conditions. But the weather interfered.

On November 16 the jury went out on the ice, set the race distance in accordance with the rules of ice-yacht racing. And at 12: 30 local time competition started. The first race went the DN iceboat class. After the first round to the bottom of the sign came Buer managed by Sergey Kovalenko, however, the judges gave the go-ahead on the termination of the race. Stopped and the next Buer – Yegor Matyukhina. It turned out that the control and the lap time was over before the first ice boat rounded the mark.

Until the rest of the DN ice boats had left the waters of the race, the judges invited at the start of the Navy “Ice optimists”. Eight ice boats left the start line and went to the race. Faster than all the first round overcame Vitaly Ivanov to follow him and Margaret Gilbert. But again the race was stopped a lap is over. The wind force is not enough to develop enough speed.

The judges decided to wait for the wind, but after waiting two or three hours, announced the closing race of the day, agreeing to continue on to the next. But neither the next day nor after to wait for the wind failed. In addition to the lack of wind was added to the snowfall, which gradually covered the whole ice water.

In the end, it was announced that the open championship of the Novosibirsk region in the class DN and regional championship in the class “optimist Ice” did not take place due to weather conditions.

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