The tragedy off the coast of Australia

All the Australian news sites this morning reported: 7 kilometers from the coast of New South Wales in the Newcastle area capsized catamaran: of the five people on Board, three died.

Details are not many. Weather conditions in the area did not contribute to sailing. Rain, heavy sea, wind force of 25 – 30 knots… However, five on a catamaran with a length of 11.7 meters out to sea.

What happened is a mystery. We only know that one of the five activated the distress beacon. Two survivors – 16-year-old girl and 40-year-old man – were long in the water, clinging to overturned vessel, suffered from hypothermia (the water temperature in the area is about 17 degrees), are in serious condition and was rushed by helicopter to the nearest hospital. The bodies of three victims (all of them elderly people sixty to seventy years), the rescuers found in the water.

Terrible story. Rest in peace.

PS The Catamaran. meanwhile, will carry farther from the shore. In the storm turn it over, and towed into port is not possible.

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