The third time – it turned out!

June 23, 2019

      The third time – it turned out!
      The third stage of the international sailing series – SailGP, initiated by the creation of the owner of Oracle Team USA Larry Ellison and five-time winner of the America's Cup Russell Cutts.

The third time - it turned out!

Recall that the races are held on the fastest ships of the world sail – 50-foot winged catamaran class F50. In the competitions of this debut year 6 teams participate – Australia, Great Britain, China, USA, France and Japan. According to the regulations, teams at each stage spend 5 races of the fleet, after which the two best (by the number of points scored) determine the strongest in the match flight.

At the previous stages – in Sydney and San Francisco – the racers of Australia and Japan found out the relationship in the match flights, and both times Australians won. The same two teams took part in the decisive race and this time, but now the Japanese have won. And with a big advantage.

The Japanese team is really strong, which is not surprising. Three crew members are famous Australian racers. Nathan Outerridge, helmsman – 2012 Olympic champion in 49er class, winner of 19 medals at world championships in different classes, skipper Artemis Racing in two America Cup competitions. In addition, Autteridge was directly involved in the development and testing of F50 fireballs, so he has much more experience managing this catamaran than other helmsmen.

The trimmer Ian Jensen is also the 2012 Olympic champion and multiple world champion in the 49er class (along with Outeridge). Tactician Luke Parkinson is the bronze medalist of the world championships in the 470 class, and he, like Outteridge and Parkinson, participated in the America's Cup as part of the Artemis Racing team. As for the South Yoshida and Yuki Kasatani grinders, they have fewer regalia, of course, but they also played in the America's Cup – as part of the Japanese team. That, you see, says a lot.

Results of the New York SailGP stage:

1. Japan – 49 points. 2. Australia – 45. 3. USA – 37. 4. China – 33. 5. France – 32. 6. United Kingdom – 27.

By the sum of the three stages:

1. Japan – 140 points. 2. Australia – 139. 3. Great Britain – 106. 4. USA – 105. 5. China – 93. 6. France – 93.

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