The tension builds

The 30th summer Universiade. The results of the 3-day qualifying: Russia at the 6th place in the zone finals. There are 7 races of qualification.

According to the website, next, the 3rd day of training of the sailing competition of the 30th summer world University games in Naples was held in difficult conditions, close to shore, strong wave and strong gusty winds. The organizers, given the backlog of plan started starts early and spent the day of 12 races. Short race in strong winds would not forgive a single mistake. Also start to affect the fatigue from the strain of the past days and hot weather.

Virtually no one escaped the failures – especially the leader of the previous days, the Finnish team. She dropped to 2nd place and was much closer to the other contenders. But the outsiders of past days too much pursed to the leaders – in General, all mixed up.

Much proved to the Australian team who took the lead. Moved forward two teams of Singapore. A good parish in its last race team Austria was also able to beat our team.

The Russians have recorded himself into an asset sprints 3 mi, 8 mi, 7 mi, 2-mi. In the end, we are on the 6th position with an average score of 4.08 after 12 races. The nearest rivals – the two teams of Singapore (score of 3.54 and 3,71), Austria (3,8). Rear preload team Germany (4,25). Second place (Finland) also close to 3.14 points.

There are 7 races of qualification (we are involved in 4 of them). According to the qualification results will be selected the best 8 teams in the finals. Involved in the qualification places will read them as the result of one final race, and planned 4 races to determine the medalists.

Follow the results and records of races on the website of the Universiade

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