The talent team works in Malta

In Malta, carried out the collection of 22 athletes from St. Petersburg, Sevastopol, Moscow, Gelendzhik, Krasnodar and the Azov. The participants – young sailors 10-13 years (2006 – 2009 year of birth) included in the experimental team of the Association of yacht class “Optimist”.

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Recruitment in the experimental group were held on a common basis was formed on the basis of medical test and sports achievements.

When forming team composition has been applied a unique scientific method. Before enrolling in a group all the athletes passed out scientific research in the Federal Spbniifp. According to the team leader of the experimental team Vadim Mekhanikov, this integrated approach to the breeding work in the Junior sailing has been applied for the first time in the last 10 years.

“Testing is needed in order to better know the characteristics of the athletes concerning the psychology, physiology, physical training, emotional intelligence, stress resistance, – says Vadim Mechanics. – We have investigated many factors that affect the race. Knowing the characteristics of each athlete, we can adjust the training process, to develop an individual approach and work on removing the weak points. It is a great helper in our work and unique history for Junior classes”.

Gathering in Malta, which started on December 14 and will last until December 18. After that, the racers will participate in a prestigious international regatta Euromed (19 – 23 December). With the athletes of the experimental team working trainers foreign specialist David Labruce (school 8 Days a Week) and famous Russian yachtswoman and coach Anna Basalkina. During the camp athletes work on the strategy and tactics of the race, forecasting a racing situation, improving the speed characteristics of the yacht, improving technical elements and physical training. Training takes place both on water and in the gym, and in the format of seminars and tactical briefings.

“The philosophy of experimental team — intensification of training of athletes in various areas, including physical, special, technical and psychological preparation, – continues Vadim Mechanics. We are aiming to achieve a more younger age, to trained athletes passed in the international classes. Accordingly, in the future they will be able to show good results in the Olympic classes. The breakthrough should come from the bottom. We want to create a database that will allow athletes to better prepare for the transition into other classes. This applies to both physical and psychological, and technical training. In the future the youth team and sailing school, in which children will be engaged in will have to continue this line on the intensification and then, quite possibly, this experience will be useful at the level of the national team of Russia”.

Phillip Kovalev

the press service of the Association of yachts of a class “the Optimist”

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